St. Adrian Stained Glass

St. Adrian is also known as Hadrian or Adrian of Nicodemia. He lived during the Fourth Century AD and was a Herculian Guard of the Roman Emperor Maximian. One day when he was watching a group of Christians being tortured he was so impressed by their courage that he decided to become a Christian and made a public confession of his faith. This, of course, resulted in his incarceration, torture, and martyrdom. While he was in prison and not allowed any visitors, his wife Natalia dressed as a young boy and managed to see him, asking for his prayers. When he was martyred, she was able to retrieve one of his hands that she buried near Constantinople. St. Adrian is the Patron Saint of plague, epilepsy, arms dealers, butchers, guards, and soldiers. His feast day is September 8th. In art such as stained glass, he is often shown to be armed, with an anvil in his hands or at his feet. Sometimes he is pictured together with his wife, Natalia. Would you be looking for a stained glass window or door panel of St. Adrian? If so, please contact us at and we will gladly help you in your search. We have many stained glass designs from which to choose.

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