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Stained Glass Through the Ages: Part 1– The People

Stained Glass Through the Ages: Part 1– The People

People in Stained Glass History Shipwrecked sailors, Pliny the Elder, Titus, ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamian potters at work, old England church builders and clergy, archaeologists and American immigrants – all part of the impressive history of beautiful stained glass works of art. Stained glass is an inspirational part of traditional church décor that has a […]

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Stained glass insert representing marriage.

Special Occasion Stained Glass

Stained Glass for Your Special Occasion When Mike and Mary Beth planned their wedding in a lovely country chapel, they were delighted to find that, although the chapel had a regular congregation and weekly services, the beautiful stained glass windows featured custom designed wedding themes that created a special ambiance during their ceremony. You may […]

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stained glass lamp

Stained Glass Lamps

Stained Glass Lamps Lend Color and Light Lamplight is part of every romantic setting, in literature, in home décor, even in intimate bistros. Crucial to every home decorating scheme is the careful selection of lamps to provide the right level of light for every space. To refresh and renew the ambiance of a room, nothing […]

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Tiffany stained glass for Mother

Stained Glass: The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Stained Glass to Make Mother’s Day Sparkle When Abigail’s children presented her with a stunning stained glass suncatcher for her kitchen, the tears of happiness sparkled like the light that reflected from the beautiful gift. Something she had always wanted, the stained glass suncatcher from Stained Glass, Inc. in Greenville, Texas was a perfect way […]

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Celtic stained glass.

Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic Stained Glass Interlocks Light and Design As early as the eighth century, Celtic people began using artistic designs to reflect their cultures, tribal affiliations and kinships, making Celtic art distinctive and immediately recognizable. Some of the most popular designs for stained glass today are influenced by Celtic art, often the theme of decorative windows, […]

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Stained glass window panel.

Stained Glass Bay Windows

Stained Glass Bay Window Adds Light and Elegance Many homeowners prefer a home with some history, vintage architecture, working wood burning fireplaces, and, of course, beautiful bay windows. Others prefer building new homes that incorporate the same vintage touches that make older homes so elegant, and bay windows certainly fill the bill for elegance. While […]

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Art deco stained glass window.

Art Deco Stained Glass

Art Deco Stained Glass is Elegant Everywhere There’s nothing so charming as Art Deco stained glass as part of the décor for an entertainment venue, like a cozy corner bistro, or a neighborhood tavern and gathering place. Joe acquired the same urban corner building that had housed his grandfather’s Irish themed bar and he was […]

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Stained glass sidelight for a doorway.

Sidelight Stained Glass for Light and Privacy

Stained Glass Sidelights Provide Privacy while Letting the Light In Sometimes all you need to spruce up the entrance to your home or business is a little something special at the doorway. That something special is often a pair of stained glass sidelights framing your doorway to add elegance and flair, as well as a […]

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Magnolia stained glass.

Bathroom Stained Glass

Stained Glass Lights Up Your Bathroom Decorating your bathroom can pose several challenges, whether it’s part of new construction, the remodel of an existing bathroom, the addition of an extra facility to your home or business, or simply updating an existing bathroom. You might find yourself a bit overwhelmed, as Gerald and Gail S. did […]

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This stained glass image features a Tiffany style landscape

Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

  Stained Glass Window Reproductions- Louis Comfort Tiffany When you hear about stained glass, often Tiffany stained glass comes to mind whether it is a stained glass lamp, a stained glass window or some other piece of stained glass art. Sometimes, stained glass artwork is called Tiffany glass when, in fact, it is anything but. […]

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