Stained Glass Lamps

stained glass lamp

At Stained Glass Inc., any of our designs, religious and non-religious, can be made into a stunning stained glass lamp.

Stained Glass Lamps Lend Color and Light

Lamplight is part of every romantic setting, in literature, in home décor, even in intimate bistros. Crucial to every home decorating scheme is the careful selection of lamps to provide the right level of light for every space. To refresh and renew the ambiance of a room, nothing goes as far as a change of lamps. When Cheryl decided to change out her outdated lamps, she shopped every home store in her community, and browsed the internet in search of lamps to center her room and provide something special to light up her space. The answer? Stained glass from Stained Glass, Inc. in Greenville, Texas.

Stained glass lamps do more than simply provide light. They bathe every corner of a room in a glow that is rich with color and texture. Style and elegance are a given with fine stained glass lighting. The artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. employ meticulous craftsmanship and careful attention to detail in design to create perfect stained glass lamps, like the exquisite pair that Cheryl commissioned in classic Tiffany style to add panache to her redecorated room.

Lamps of Stained Glass Enhance Home Decor

Stained glass lamps are appropriate in every room of the home, church or business. Styled in vintage design, contemporary simplicity or elaborate, ornate fashion, lamps created with stained glass lend an exquisite elegance to décor that is inviting and relaxing. Making your room a haven of color and light, stained glass lamps reflect the glow through shimmering textures into every corner. Strategically placed to provide an extra measure of shine to your overall plan, or as a signature piece to center your room décor, stained glass is always impressive.

Superior Quality Ensures Enduring Lamplight

At Stained Glass, Inc., lamps featuring stained glass design are classically created using both age-old artistry and cutting edge technology, ensuring an added depth and intensity of color. Gifted artists in our studios relish the task of creating stained glass lamps in many styles, including those inspired by Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, antique stained glass and the ornate, elaborate style of stained glass found in old world cathedrals. Landscapes, garden scenes, symmetrical designs and modern color block technique are all popular stained glass lamp features. Each lamp is custom created according to client preference and certain to be a cherished part of your collection of fine works of art. In addition, stained glass from Stained Glass, Inc. is crafted from the strongest polymer glass, which offers up to 250 times more strength than ordinary glass, making it virtually unbreakable, a valuable characteristic for lamps.

Looking for the Perfect Stained Glass Lamp?

Finding what you are looking for in a stained glass lamp design begins with a visit to Stained Glass, Inc.’s vast collection in our online gallery at Our experts are ready to introduce you to the remarkable world of stunning stained glass, leading your efforts to find the finest stained glass lamp for your particular needs.

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