Saint Boniface Honored in Stained Glass

St. Boniface in stained glass.

This colorful stained glass artwork features Saint Boniface in intricate detail.

Feast of Saint Boniface Celebrated on June 5
The life of Saint Boniface is marked with determination and obedience, and he is known as the patron saint of Germany. As part of his work as a missionary, Saint Boniface was charged by Pope Gregory II to initiate a return to the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church by Germanic peoples who had brought the concepts of paganism to the faith. It was not an easy task for the Anglo Saxon priest, but Boniface, born Winfrid in Wessex in the 600s, was determined to bring converts to Christ. As part of his work to bring the Church of Germania back into the fold, Boniface worked with a largely illiterate and misinformed clergy and people who had paganized the tenets of the Christian church.

Saint Boniface is known for his act of announcing his intention to chop down the pagan god Donar’s sacred oak tree in the presence of a nervous crowd, who expected to see him killed by the angry god. Instead, he sent the tree to the ground, where it split into four parts, and then had the parts used to build a Christian chapel. His mission included the conversion of many Germanic peoples, the establishment of Benedictine monasteries and churches throughout Europe and, indeed, the founding of early Europe itself. He and 53 of his companions were martyred as they prepared converts for confirmation.

Saint Boniface Honored with Light and Color
Stained glass artwork depicting Saint Boniface is meticulously created in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. of Greenville, Texas, honoring this dedicated missionary with breathtaking design, vibrant color and moving imagery. As part of our online gallery of stained glass, Saint Boniface is portrayed ensconced by an ornate and traditionally detailed set of symmetrical panels, brought together to create the perfect tribute. Unique craftsmanship and expert artistry by the professionals in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. ensure that each work of stained glass art is of superior quality and unmatched beauty.

Stained Glass Tributes to Saint Boniface are Unique
Besides the extensive collection of designs included in Stained Glass, Inc.’s online gallery, artists in our studios are happy to accept commissions based on client preferences and specifications. Stained glass windows, door inserts and other works of art honoring Saint Boniface are perfect for inclusion in the décor of churches, chapels and shrines to Saint Boniface, or as part of a collection of revered saints’ tributes, especially those of Europe. Rays of light play along the colored glass in shifting shades as daylight fades and candlelight or chapel light illuminates. Color is intensified due to the blending of traditional, old world artistry and cutting edge technology in works of stained glass art from Stained Glass, Inc. In addition, our polymer glass windows are virtually unbreakable and hundreds of times stronger than ordinary glass.

Find Your Saint Boniface Stained Glass
Begin your journey to find the perfect Saint Boniface stained glass design, or other beautiful stained glass for your needs with a visit to our website at Explore our online gallery and contact our experts who are standing by to guide you in your stained glass project from start to finish, ensuring breathtaking results.

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