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Stained glass window insert showing Christ set against a striking blue background

Washington Stained Glass

Washington Area Stained Glass While the majority of Washington’s residents live in the sprawling metropolis of Seattle, there are also smaller regions where picturesque and unspoiled wilderness exists in abundance. In both urban and rural areas, there are arresting examples of Washington stained glass in religious and non-religious buildings alike. For those searching for Washington stained […]

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An outdoor scene with brilliant colors rendered in stained glass

Hawaii Stained Glass

Hawaii Stained Glass Projects Hawaii Area Stained Glass Although Hawaii is part of the United States, anyone who has been there would agree it seems a world away from the average American town or city. Even the work created by stained glass artists here is distinct. Volcanoes, ocean life, and the deities traditionally worshipped by […]

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Stained glass panel with the heartbreaking image of Mary holding new crucified son

Alaska Stained Glass

Alaska Stained Glass Projects Alaska Area Stained Glass A mysterious land of ice, polar bears, and snow-capped mountains, Alaska is a vast state with huge areas of uninhabited and untouched wilderness. Stained glass art can be found not just in the churches of Alaska, but also in secular settings such as restaurants, hospitals, and libraries. […]

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Set of three stained glass panels showing Christ calming the waters of the Sea of Galilee

Oregon Stained Glass

Oregon Stained Glass Projects Oregon Area Stained Glass Stunning examples of Oregon stained glass can be found not only in the state’s churches, but also in the Oregon Supreme Court. Here, a stained glass ceiling adds intrigue and warm light. If you are overseeing an Oregon stained glass project, regardless of its size and scope, […]

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Symbolic stained glass window crafted for Saint Mary's Church in Sanger, California

California Stained Glass

California Stained Glass Projects California Area Stained Glass Because California mornings and afternoons are so often filled with sunshine, the state is an ideal location for stained glass art. When light passes through faceted glass, it is infused with a warm, radiant glow. Despite what many may think, it’s not always sunny in California, however. […]

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