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Jesus stained glass window with a brilliant blue background

Massachusetts Stained Glass

Massachusetts¬†Area Stained Glass Of all the New England states, Massachusetts is probably the one that played the largest role in shaping the history of America. The Pilgrims and the Puritans arrived and established colonies in what is now Massachusetts during the early 17th century, a critical first step in the creation of modern U.S. society. […]

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Set of three stained glass panels showing Christ calming the waters of the Sea of Galilee

Oregon Stained Glass

Oregon Stained Glass Projects Oregon Area Stained Glass Stunning examples of Oregon stained glass can be found not only in the state’s churches, but also in the Oregon Supreme Court. Here, a stained glass ceiling adds intrigue and warm light. If you are overseeing an Oregon stained glass project, regardless of its size and scope, […]

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Stained glass insert for the Legamaro residence in Chicago, IL

Illinois Stained Glass

Illinois Stained Glass Projects Illinois Area Stained Glass Illinois is unique among all the U.S. states in that it is home to the only museum in the country devoted to showcasing fine stained glass windows. Called the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, this repository has the largest public collection of Tiffany stained glass in the […]

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