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17 Spectacular Stained Glass Designs for The Feast of the Ascension

The Feast of the Ascension is a significant festival on the Christian calendar, commemorating the day when Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after His resurrection on Easter Sunday. When it comes to artwork celebrating this awesome event, we have a host of spectacular stained glass designs for your church, chapel or home. If you […]

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This stained glass image features a Tiffany style landscape

Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

  Stained Glass Window Reproductions- Louis Comfort Tiffany When you hear about stained glass, often Tiffany stained glass comes to mind whether it is a stained glass lamp, a stained glass window or some other piece of stained glass art. Sometimes, stained glass artwork is called Tiffany glass when, in fact, it is anything but. […]

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Beautiful Nativity Scene Stained Glass by Stained Glass Inc.

Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass Windows

The Beauty of Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass Easily the most celebrated Christian holiday, Christmas evokes cheer and warmth even in the darkest winter months. Stained glass windows depicting the nativity scene can add to that warmth with radiant, colorful depictions of the birth of Christ and the Adoration of the Magi. Stained Glass Inc. […]

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Pictorial stained glass window showing a captivating sunset scene

Montana Stained Glass

Montana¬†Stained Glass Projects Montana Area Stained Glass Those who appreciate the rugged splendor of wide open wilderness have no trouble understanding why Montana is known as “The Treasure State.” With its abundant wildlife and numerous mountain ranges, national parks, and picturesque lakes, this part of the Western United States draws millions of tourists annually. Individuals […]

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Pictorial stained glass window of Christ

Mississippi Stained Glass

Stained Glass for your Mississippi Project   In religious settings in Mississippi and elsewhere, art has long been used to illustrate teachings of the faith and lift the spirits of believers. Faceted glass is undoubtedly one of the most popular art forms for sacred spaces. Ecclesiastical stained glass windows, with their mysterious colors and flawless […]

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Jesus stained glass window with a brilliant blue background

Massachusetts Stained Glass

Massachusetts¬†Area Stained Glass Of all the New England states, Massachusetts is probably the one that played the largest role in shaping the history of America. The Pilgrims and the Puritans arrived and established colonies in what is now Massachusetts during the early 17th century, a critical first step in the creation of modern U.S. society. […]

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Stained glass cross with uplifting words from the Book of John

Alabama Stained Glass

Alabama Stained Glass Projects Alabama Area Stained Glass Religious faith is one of the cornerstones of Alabama society, a fact that is made abundantly clear by the many Southern Baptist “mega churches” that hold thousands as well as the smaller cathedrals in the state. Christians in Alabama honor Christ through song, Bible readings, sermons, and […]

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Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Floral Rose Windows

Floral Rose Windows The rose windows found in circular openings in Gothic churches and places of worship featuring other styles can have several themes. For instance, common symbols of the faith, important figures, and musical instruments can all be incorporated into the already captivating design of rose windows. Another option for rose windows is floral […]

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Mary at the foot of the cross.

Stabat Mater Stained Glass Windows

Stabat Mater Ecclesiastic Stained Glass Windows Many pieces of church stained glass for sale that honor the Virgin Mary commemorate the more joyous times in her life. These include depictions in faceted glass of the Nativity scene when Mary held her newborn son for the first time and the announcement of her miraculous pregnancy by […]

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Saint Peter in stained glass.

Saint Peter Stained Glass Windows

Saint Peter Religious Stained Glass Windows Saint Peter was one of Christ’s Twelve Apostles, and Gospel accounts in the New Testament suggest the disciple was also one of His most favored. Saint Peter art glass windows are routinely inspired by information provided about this righteous man in the Bible. Saint Peter is often regarded as […]

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