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St. Agatha in stained glass.

Saint Agatha Honored in Stained Glass

Saint Agatha Feast Day Commemorated Saint Agatha’s feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church each year on February 5. Through the centuries, Saint Agatha’s story has evolved into a beloved tale of loyalty to faith and martyrdom. As the story goes, Saint Agatha was born to a wealthy family in Catania, Sicily during […]

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Stained glass window featuring St. Thomas Aquinas.

Stained Glass Honoring St. Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Feast Day is January 28 Celebrated as perhaps the greatest Catholic philosopher, Saint Thomas Aquinas’ works are an important part of the education of Roman Catholic priests and theology students. Thomism, named for Saint Thomas Aquinas, embraces the idea that truth must be accepted wherever it is discovered.  Sometimes criticized for his […]

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St Francis de Sales in stained glass.

Stained Glass Honoring Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Francis de Sales Celebrated on January 24 The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales, is celebrated in America on his feast day, January 24. At Stained Glass, Inc. this beloved saint is honored everyday in magnificent stained glass, befitting his place in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. Born in France […]

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A beautiful stained glass window featuring Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria is Honored in Stained Glass

Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Celebrated Born early in the fourth century to pagan royalty and known for the scores who followed her in acceptance of Jesus as the Christ, Saint Catherine of Alexandria is a saint whose feast day is celebrated by Catholics and Orthodox Christians on November 25.  Known as a […]

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Stained glass panel with two red roses

Florida Stained Glass

Florida Area Stained Glass The tourism industry is one of the main contributors to Florida’s economy, so hotels, theme parks, resorts, malls, and restaurants here are all designed to impress the many visitors who flock to the Sunshine State throughout the year. As many individuals in charge of creating or enhancing the appearance of Florida […]

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Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Floral Rose Windows

Floral Rose Windows The rose windows found in circular openings in Gothic churches and places of worship featuring other styles can have several themes. For instance, common symbols of the faith, important figures, and musical instruments can all be incorporated into the already captivating design of rose windows. Another option for rose windows is floral […]

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Saint Peter in stained glass.

Saint Peter Stained Glass Windows

Saint Peter Religious Stained Glass Windows Saint Peter was one of Christ’s Twelve Apostles, and Gospel accounts in the New Testament suggest the disciple was also one of His most favored. Saint Peter art glass windows are routinely inspired by information provided about this righteous man in the Bible. Saint Peter is often regarded as […]

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Stained glass depiction of Saint Paul.

Stained Glass Windows Honoring Saint Paul

Saint Paul Stained Glass Windows One of the things that made the life of Saint Paul–also known as Paul the Apostle–so significant is that he actively persecuted Christians before becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Like many of the early saints, Paul made it his mission to share the good news of Jesus with as […]

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Saint Joseph in stained glass.

Saint Joseph Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows featuring St. Joseph Saint Joseph is best known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Because of the important role he played in the early life of the Savior, it is not surprising that he is one of the most well-known and celebrated saints in the Christian faith. The details provided in […]

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This stained glass window panel features Christ in prayer in the garden.

Jesus Stained Glass: Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane in Stained Glass Aside from suffering and dying on the cross, it can be argued that Christ’s Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane represented some of the Savior’s darkest hours during His earthly life. Jesus asks God the Father to spare Him from the trials He knows He will […]

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