Stained Glass Honoring St. Thomas Aquinas

Stained glass window featuring St. Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Thomas Aquinas is depicted in a decorative rose window.

Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Feast Day is January 28

Celebrated as perhaps the greatest Catholic philosopher, Saint Thomas Aquinas’ works are an important part of the education of Roman Catholic priests and theology students. Thomism, named for Saint Thomas Aquinas, embraces the idea that truth must be accepted wherever it is discovered.  Sometimes criticized for his research and examination of the theories of Aristotle and the philosophies of the ancient Greeks, Romans and others who were considered pagans by the Christian church, Saint Thomas Aquinas was a prolific writer of over 20 philosophic works, including intensive studies of Aristotle.

Saint Thomas Aquinas was born in 1225 in Roccasecca, in the Aquina area of Italy. His parents were members of the southern Italian nobility and his vocation in the church was planned from the time he was a small child. During Thomas’ education, he came under the tutelage of John of St. Julian, a Neapolitan Dominican preacher and Thomas eventually chose to join the relatively new Dominican order of priests. A superior student, serious and dedicated to the acceptance of truth in Christian doctrine and a teacher who was intensely influential as a philosopher and theologian, Saint Thomas Aquinas was eventually honored with the distinction of “Doctor Angelicus” of the Church. A saint in the Roman Catholic, Anglican Communion and Lutheran churches, Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron of academics, among other areas, and his feast day is celebrated on January 28.  He died of illness in March of 1274.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Honored in Stained Glass

An extensive online gallery of magnificent stained glass designs includes those honoring Saint Thomas Aquinas, and can be viewed by visiting the website of Stained Glass, Inc. Among these exciting choices is the lovely rose window depicting this inspiring theologian in a round rendering of his portrait that features brilliant color and breathtaking imagery. Often used as stained glass windows to center church or chapel décor, a rose window is also an exquisite work of gallery-worthy art for display.

Stained Glass Art Created by Masters

Conceived centuries ago as a way to illustrate Christian concepts for a largely illiterate population and used as windows in early churches and chapels, stained glass has been dubbed the “poor man’s Bible.” Designed as a useful and mesmerizing tool for educating Christians and providing inspiration for worshippers, stained glass has found its place among some of the world’s greatest art, as an important pictorial for history and an elegant and graceful centerpiece for the décor of any venue. Saint Thomas Aquinas stained glass artwork is created by the artisans at Stained Glass, Inc. who employ the ancient tools of color, light and imagery, coupled with new age technology to ensure superior quality and versatility. Custom designed according to client preference, Stained Glass, Inc. glass art is easy to install behind existing glass and can be changed in minutes to reflect specific saints days, holy days or special occasions.

Need More Information about Saint Thomas Aquinas Stained Glass

For a tour of the fascinating stained glass honoring Saint Thomas Aquinas as well as an impressive collection of other designs, check the Stained Glass, Inc. website. To gain valuable information and guidance in choosing or commissioning the perfect stained glass artwork to meet your stained glass needs, contact our professionals today, who will be happy to lead you through the process.

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