Stained Glass Honoring Saint Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales in stained glass.

St. Francis de Sales is portrayed in colorful stained glass.

Saint Francis de Sales Celebrated on January 24

The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales, is celebrated in America on his feast day, January 24. At Stained Glass, Inc. this beloved saint is honored everyday in magnificent stained glass, befitting his place in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion.

Born in France in 1567, Francois was part of a noble family, the Sales of the Duchy of Savoy. His father was a respected Lord and, as the first of six sons, Francois was groomed for a career as a magistrate, enjoying the benefits of a superior education and privileged upbringing. Known for his great patience, Francois knew he wanted to enter the church as part of the clergy for many years before telling his family. During his college days, he visited an old parish in Paris, and knelt before the “Our Lady of Good Deliverance” statue, a black Madonna, dedicating himself to Christian service and vowing chastity.

After earning a law degree, Francois faced his father, who refused to support his decision to become a priest, even selecting a wife for Francois and securing him a position as a senator. Francois followed his desire to join the clergy, and eventually traveled to Switzerland to work to bring those who had left the church during the Calvinist Protestant Reformation back into the Roman Catholic fold. Enduring much hardship and triumphing over many failures, Francois returned home some years later having brought 40,000 converts back to the Church. He was named Bishop of Geneva, in a largely Calvinist area. During his life he wrote “Introduction to a Devout Life,” designed to guide ordinary Christians in living to please God. He died in 1622 after uttering his last word, “humility,” and is the patron saint of writers and journalists

Stained Glass Honors Saint Francis de Sales
Artists at Stained Glass, Inc. have memorialized Saint Francis de Sales in lovely textures of color and light as part of the extensive gallery which can be visited online. Depicted in his clergy vestments, this revered saint is portrayed as part of a multi faceted tableau, including ornate, classic antique stained glass design and rich, vibrant colors of the rainbow. Centered by panels elaborately designed in old world style columns and crowned by an intricately placed set of brilliant pieces, this work of stained glass art dazzles the eye and touches the heart, paying homage to Saint Francis de Sales with exquisite color and light.

Stained Glass Windows Are Versatile and Lovely

Master stained glass artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. combine old world technique with cutting edge technology to ensure deep, intense color and superior quality. Windows are custom created for size, shape, color and design as commissioned by clients and panels are easily installed in minutes behind existing glass windows.

Need More Information About Saint Francis de Sales Stained Glass?

Are you looking for stained glass to honor Saint Francis de Sales for your place of worship? Stained Glass, Inc. artists will discuss your needs as you browse an extensive online gallery of stained glass works of art. Visit Stained Glass, Inc. today:

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