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17 Spectacular Stained Glass Designs for The Feast of the Ascension

The Feast of the Ascension is a significant festival on the Christian calendar, commemorating the day when Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after His resurrection on Easter Sunday. When it comes to artwork celebrating this awesome event, we have a host of spectacular stained glass designs for your church, chapel or home. If you […]

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Stained glass image of Saint Simon.

Saint Simon and Saint Jude Stained Glass

St. Simon and St. Jude Honored in Stained Glass Saints Simon and Jude are the eleventh and twelfth disciples of Jesus, who continued after the crucifixion to do His work, as missionaries traveling together to bring the gospel to Mesopotamia and Persia, and were eventually martyred there.  Saint Simon, or Simon the Zealot and St. […]

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Jesus and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque with the Sacred Heart.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is Featured in Stained Glass

Sacred Heart of Jesus Celebrated on June 27 “Who is there who would not love this wounded heart? Who would not love in return Him, who loves so much?” Saint Bonaventure Jesus’ heart is a worldwide symbol for undying, unconditional and divine love and compassion, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus has become a sacred […]

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St. Boniface in stained glass.

Saint Boniface Honored in Stained Glass

Feast of Saint Boniface Celebrated on June 5 The life of Saint Boniface is marked with determination and obedience, and he is known as the patron saint of Germany. As part of his work as a missionary, Saint Boniface was charged by Pope Gregory II to initiate a return to the traditions of the Roman […]

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Saint Rita of Cascia stained glass.

Beautiful Stained Glass Depicts Saint Rita of Cascia

St. Rita of Cascia Shines in Stained Glass  Saint Rita of Cascia is not a typical female saint, and almost didn’t become a saint at all, since she was denied a place in the monastery due to the fact that she was a widow. Married at twelve, Margherita Roccaporena became the wife of Paolo Mancini […]

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Saint Catherine of Siena in stained glass.

St. Catherine of Siena in Stained Glass

Saint Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Italy “No one should judge that he has greater perfection because he performs great penances and gives himself in excess to the staying of the body than he who does less, inasmuch as neither virtue nor merit consists therein; for otherwise he would be an evil case, who for […]

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Church altar with stained glass.

Stained Glass Church Furniture Inserts

Stained Glass to Light Up Church Furniture Beautiful, well-designed stained glass is not just for church windows, it can bring light and color to church furniture as well. Pulpits, altars, communion tables, even chairs and kneelers can be beautifully enhanced by extraordinary stained glass designs from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. in Greenville, Texas. […]

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St. Isidore stained glass.

Stained Glass Honoring St. Isidore of Seville

Saint Isidore’s Feast Day is April 4 Born into a family that included three other saints, Saint Isidore, who served 35 years as the Bishop of Seville, was born in 560 in Cartegena, Spain. His two brothers were eventually canonized as Saint Leander and Saint Fulgentius and his sister was Saint Florentina.  A devoted student […]

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St. Casimir in stained glass.

Stained Glass Featuring St. Casimir

Saint Casimir Day Honored in Timeless Stained Glass A beloved reminder of Saint Casimir, who is the patron of Poland and Lithuania is “Peace is not won by war; sometimes a comfortable peace is not even won by virtue, but Christ’s peace can penetrate every government repression of religion.” Casimir Jagiellon was born in Poland […]

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St Francis de Sales in stained glass.

Stained Glass Honoring Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Francis de Sales Celebrated on January 24 The Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales, is celebrated in America on his feast day, January 24. At Stained Glass, Inc. this beloved saint is honored everyday in magnificent stained glass, befitting his place in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. Born in France […]

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