Stained Glass Honoring St. Isidore of Seville

St. Isidore stained glass.

This stained glass image features Saint Isidore.

Saint Isidore’s Feast Day is April 4
Born into a family that included three other saints, Saint Isidore, who served 35 years as the Bishop of Seville, was born in 560 in Cartegena, Spain. His two brothers were eventually canonized as Saint Leander and Saint Fulgentius and his sister was Saint Florentina.  A devoted student of his brother, Leander, Isidore worked with him to convert the royal Visigoth Arians to Catholicism in a time when culture and aristocracy was crumbling. He showed an astute ability to learn and a strong work ethic.

Leander was known as a stern and punishing teacher, and Isidore developed in spite of what might be called abuse today. He proved to possess great intelligence and wisdom, and has been called by 19th century historian Montelembert “the last scholar of the ancient world.” Isidore showed great forgiveness for his brother and continued to work with him after his studies had concluded, finishing some important projects begun by Leander after his brother’s death, including the creation of a missal and breviary. He eventually was named Bishop of Seville and served in that capacity until his death at the age of 80 on April 4, 636. His life is celebrated in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches each year on that date.

Stained Glass Featuring Saint Isidore is Magnificent
Artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. have memorialized Saint Isidore in breathtaking color and light as part of expertly crafted works of stained glass art. This beloved saint is portrayed in rich, vibrant color and a magnificent design that honors his piety and grace toward the poor and animals. He is also often pictured in stained glass in bishop’s robes, blessing the people of Seville. Stained glass designs to honor Saint Isidore serve as exquisite centerpieces for application in shrines to Saint Isidore all over the world.

Stained Glass, Inc. Designs are Superior Quality, Beautiful
Designing the perfect work of stained glass art is a challenge that masters at Stained Glass, Inc. embrace. Blending techniques of old world artistry with cutting edge technology, experts at Stained Glass, Inc. create breathtaking windows, door inserts and transoms, hanging art for display and many other applications. Heat fused mineral pigments are used to ensure a depth and intensity in colors and hues that is not found in other stained glass designs.  Saint Isidore windows catch and reflect shifting shades of light that dance across the surface of the stained glass, casting a glow into every corner.

Looking for Stained Glass to Honor Saint Isidore?
If you are at the beginning of your journey to find the perfect work of stained glass art to honor Saint Isidore, or for any purpose, begin your search by visiting the extensive online gallery at Professionals are at the ready to guide you through your project, from start to finish, ensuring perfection for the final results. Stained glass to suit your specific needs can be commissioned and is custom designed for size, shape, color and design, based on client preferences.

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