Saint Stanislaus is Honored in Stained Glass

St. Stanislaus in stained glass.

Saint Stanislaus is featured in colorful stained glass.

Stained Glass Featuring Saint Stanislaus
April 11 is the feast day that celebrates the life of Roman Catholic Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów, a patron saint of Poland who was born in 1030 and became the Bishop of Krakow. Especially beloved by Polish Catholics, Saint Stanislaus is honored by churches and shrines all over the world. These houses of worship often feature lovely stained glass tributes to this holy saint from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. in Greenville, Texas.

Born and raised in a noble Polish family, Stanislaus was educated in Poland and France, and began his clerical career as preacher and archdeacon to the Bishop of Krakow, eventually assuming the role of Bishop himself. As Bishop, Saint Stanislaus condemned then Polish King Boleslaus II for his sinful ways and unjust wars. In the tradition of Christian leaders like John the Baptist, Thomas More and Thomas Becket, Stanislaus stood against corruption among rulers and injustice in government. Ordered by Boleslaus to kill Saint Stanislaus, the king’s soldiers refused to raise a hand to the Bishop, and the king killed him on his own. This violent act against Saint Stanislaus brought about the exile of Boleslaus by the Polish people, and he is said to have remained a penitent in Hungary for the rest of his life.

Saint Stanislaus Stained Glass Blends Beauty and Light

Perfect for placement in Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic churches, schools or shrines, stained glass tributes to this brave saint from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. are magnificently designed to blend color and light. Masters of the art custom create each work of stained glass art for color, size, shape and fit according to client specifications. A fitting tribute to this beloved saint, stained glass windows featuring flawless imagery bring him to life for worshippers in church, chapel or shrine, inspiring the faithful and stirring souls. The play of color and light casts a heavenly glow throughout every space as natural rays of sunlight are reflected through these exquisite windows.

Stained Glass Honoring Saint Stanislaus is Versatile

Stained glass artisans from Stained Glass, Inc. create unique, high quality works of art by delicately blending old world artistry with cutting edge technology, including the use of heat fused mineral pigments for color depth and intensity not found in other stained glass. Designed meticulously, stained glass from Stained Glass, Inc. is also versatile, easily installed and durable, providing decades of inspiration for worshippers or quickly and simply rotated for saint’s days, special occasions and holidays. Imagine enjoying the beauty of stained glass designed to specifically honor each saint’s feast day as well as each religious holiday. Stained glass custom created by the experts at Stained Glass, Inc. is an affordable option to accomplish just that.

Find Your Saint Stanislaus Stained Glass Design

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