Stained Glass Featuring St. Casimir

St. Casimir in stained glass.

Saint Casimir is featured in the right panel of this gothic stained glass masterpiece.

Saint Casimir Day Honored in Timeless Stained Glass

A beloved reminder of Saint Casimir, who is the patron of Poland and Lithuania is “Peace is not won by war; sometimes a comfortable peace is not even won by virtue, but Christ’s peace can penetrate every government repression of religion.” Casimir Jagiellon was born in Poland in 1458 and was third in line for the Polish throne, the son of King Casimir IV and Queen Elisabeth Hapsburg of Hungary. Young Casimir, however, developed a devotion to God and to a life of Christian service at a very young age, and remained a kind and thoughtful child and young man, even in the face of strife.

At the age of nine, Casimir began to study under Jan Dlugosz, who placed great emphasis on ethics, Christian devotion and morals. Greatly influenced by Dlugosz, Casimir dedicated his life to the service of God, vowing to remain celibate. Although he accepted a command to lead an army in an attempt to capture neighboring Hungary for his father, but after months of hunger and pestilence, lack of funding and support, the campaign failed and Casimir returned home, still only 15 years old, and vowed never to fight again. He did, however, serve a brief term as King of Poland but devoted himself to religious studies and works, even refusing to marry the daughter of the Emperor, until his death from illness at the age of only 26. His feast day is celebrated on March 4 and he is especially revered by Polish Catholics.

Saint Casimir Is Patron of Poland and Lithuania

Particularly beloved among Polish and Lithuanian Catholics, Saint Casimir is honored in stained glass design décor in many Catholic churches and basilicas that were founded primarily by Polish or Lithuanian parishioners.  Stained Glass, Inc. of Greenville, Texas features an extensive online gallery of works of stained glass art that feature designs depicting Saint Casimir, custom created in rich, vivid color and beautiful imagery and specifically designed for Catholic stained glass windows, door inserts, sidelights and other décor for church, chapel or shrines to Saint Casimir.

Superior Stained Glass Brings Saint Casimir’s Story to Life

Master artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. have developed their art by blending old world stained glass craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, using special mineral pigments to ensure color depth and intensity while producing panels of superior quality. Each design is custom crafted for size, shape, and color and fit to install easily behind existing glass, and pieces can be rotated for special holidays, saints days and religious observances. Memorials for loved ones or donor recognition names can also be embedded into the unique and exquisite Saint Casimir stained glass designs.

Need to Know More about Saint Casimir Stained Glass

Visit Stained Glass, Inc. online at and browse our extensive collection of stained glass, which includes tributes to Saint Casimir as well as many other saints and religious events. If you need additional information or have questions, the professionals at Stained Glass, Inc. are available to help you in your quest to choose the stained glass that will perfectly meet your needs. They will provide their expertise from the start of your project to the finish, for superior results.

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