Sidelight Stained Glass for Light and Privacy

Stained glass sidelight for a doorway.

The neutral hues of this stunning stained glass sidelight make it the perfect addition to any doorway.

Stained Glass Sidelights Provide Privacy while Letting the Light In
Sometimes all you need to spruce up the entrance to your home or business is a little something special at the doorway. That something special is often a pair of stained glass sidelights framing your doorway to add elegance and flair, as well as a splash of color and light in your foyer or entryway. Stained glass sidelights turned out to be the solution for Mike and Mary Beth’s privacy issues in their new Atlanta area home. They loved the open floor plan and the large living area that was a combined great room/dining room and kitchen, including a wonderful back vista of the lake on which their home was located. However, the front entrance also provided just a bit too much of a peek into the house for anyone who approached the doorway from the street.

Mary Beth loved the flow of light through the area, and didn’t want to sacrifice that, but privacy and security were concerns the couple felt took priority. The answer came from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. in Greenville, Texas, stunning stained glass sidelights on each side of the beautiful oaken front door, filtering shifting shades of light through vivid, rich color throughout the day.

Sidelight Stained Glass Adds Panache
Besides solving privacy and lighting issues for entryways, sidelights also add flair and elegance, increasing the “presence” of your entrance by adding width at each side of the doorway. When the sidelight design, crafted in tall, narrow panels using old world craftsmanship coupled with cutting edge technology to ensure color depth and intensity, matches a stained glass insert in the door itself, the effect is quite dramatic. Easy to install and custom designed for size, shape, color and fit by master artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc., sidelight stained glass art can be crafted exactly to client specifications. Designs are often geometric and colorful, or they can include portrayals of people and events, flowers, symbols or other features dictated by the buyer.

Stained Glass Sidelights Are Perfect for All Venues
Entertainment venues from upscale restaurants to neighborhood taverns often include sidelight stained glass panels to increase the warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers, without breaking the budget. Stained glass sidelights from Stained Glass, Inc. provide high quality, exquisite stained glass design that is crafted to fit easily behind existing windows and is easily rotated for special occasions or events. Imagine being able to change the design of your windows at holiday time, for weddings or other special occasions, in a matter of minutes. In church foyers, sidelights are common tools to expand entrances and provide a more welcoming feel for visitors.

Green stained glass sidelight.

An ivy border frames this stained glass sidelight.

Browse Our Gallery For Your Stained Glass Sidelights
At Stained Glass, Inc., we are proud of our extensive gallery of stained glass designs for sidelights, and many other applications. Visit us online at to begin your tour into the magnificent world of stained glass. Our experts are available to answer questions or provide advice if you are exploring the idea of adding stained glass sidelights to your home, church or business décor. They will provide their expertise from the start of your project to the finish, for superior results.

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