Art Deco Stained Glass

Art deco stained glass window.

Art Deco stained glass inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright makes a colorful addition to any space.

Art Deco Stained Glass is Elegant Everywhere
There’s nothing so charming as Art Deco stained glass as part of the décor for an entertainment venue, like a cozy corner bistro, or a neighborhood tavern and gathering place. Joe acquired the same urban corner building that had housed his grandfather’s Irish themed bar and he was determined to recreate the old tavern’s popular appeal, with a contemporary flair. Turning his dream into reality began right after the building’s renovation, when Joe and his decorators began planning the proper décor elements to make Joes’ Corner O’ Dublin the magic place his grandfather had once operated, with the panache to attract a contemporary crowd.

After some research and an online visit to browse Stained Glass, Inc.’s extensive gallery of magnificent works of stained glass art, Joe had his answer, Art Deco stained glass to create a pleasing contemporary atmosphere with an enchanting vintage feel. Selecting door inserts with matching sidelights and a completer transom, along with furniture insets and stained glass window accents, Joe created his own Corner O’ Dublin and entertains a capacity crowd every night.

Art Deco Stained Glass Adds Special Panache
Clean, geometric lines and rich, vivid colors that mesmerize and draw the eye along the well-crafted design is the hallmark of Art Deco stained glass designs from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. Masters of the art have developed a high quality technique that blends old world artistry with cutting edge technology, including heat fused mineral pigments for color depth and intensity. Besides providing exquisite and superb décor accents, Art Deco stained glass also gathers and reflects rays of light in shifting shades throughout the day and after dark, casting a glow about every area of application.

Stained Glass Art Deco Style is Versatile
Besides restaurants, theaters, clubs and taverns, Art Deco stained glass, with its engaging designs and symmetrical elegance is also perfect for home décor, adding an extra dimension of color and light to every application. In entryways as door inserts and sidelights, as hanging stained glass art for room dividers and privacy screens and even in windows to improve less than perfect views, the possibilities for Art Deco designs in stained glass are endless. Stained glass skylight inserts are very popular among the clientele at Stained Glass, Inc., often commissioned and created for size, shape, color and design according to client specifications.

Art Deco stained glass design.

This stained glass design in the Art Deco style is available in any size.

Begin Your Art Deco Stained Glass Journey
Enter the world of stained glass art by visiting the online gallery and check out the extensive collection of masterworks from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc., including Art Deco creations and many others. Stained glass creations commissioned from Stained Glass, Inc. are made to install easily behind existing windows, making the rotation of designs simple and doable in just a matter of minutes, giving clients a versatile and cost effective way of changing out designs to match special occasions and events. Experts in the art are available to guide you on your quest to find the perfect solution to your stained glass needs from start to finish, ensuring perfection as your final result.

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