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Saint Catherine of Siena in stained glass.

St. Catherine of Siena in Stained Glass

Saint Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Italy “No one should judge that he has greater perfection because he performs great penances and gives himself in excess to the staying of the body than he who does less, inasmuch as neither virtue nor merit consists therein; for otherwise he would be an evil case, who for […]

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St. Agatha in stained glass.

Saint Agatha Honored in Stained Glass

Saint Agatha Feast Day Commemorated Saint Agatha’s feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church each year on February 5. Through the centuries, Saint Agatha’s story has evolved into a beloved tale of loyalty to faith and martyrdom. As the story goes, Saint Agatha was born to a wealthy family in Catania, Sicily during […]

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This stained glass image features a Tiffany style landscape

Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

  Stained Glass Window Reproductions- Louis Comfort Tiffany When you hear about stained glass, often Tiffany stained glass comes to mind whether it is a stained glass lamp, a stained glass window or some other piece of stained glass art. Sometimes, stained glass artwork is called Tiffany glass when, in fact, it is anything but. […]

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Stained Glass Windows by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows Known for his involvement in the Arts and Crafts Movement of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architectural master who believed that stained glass had an important role to play in design.  Many homes today are emulating his architectural designs and contractors are seeking Frank Lloyd Wright stained […]

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Pictorial stained glass window of Christ

Mississippi Stained Glass

Stained Glass for your Mississippi Project   In religious settings in Mississippi and elsewhere, art has long been used to illustrate teachings of the faith and lift the spirits of believers. Faceted glass is undoubtedly one of the most popular art forms for sacred spaces. Ecclesiastical stained glass windows, with their mysterious colors and flawless […]

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Christ being entombed after His death on the cross

Kansas Stained Glass

Kansas Area Stained Glass In the Midwestern state of Kansas, stained glass art is used to show school pride, illustrate religious teachings, represent the mysterious nature of the divine through the use of light and color, and welcome guests to historic world-class hotels. The heirloom quality works crafted by Stained Glass Inc. can be used […]

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An outdoor scene with brilliant colors rendered in stained glass

Hawaii Stained Glass

Hawaii Stained Glass Projects Hawaii Area Stained Glass Although Hawaii is part of the United States, anyone who has been there would agree it seems a world away from the average American town or city. Even the work created by stained glass artists here is distinct. Volcanoes, ocean life, and the deities traditionally worshipped by […]

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Stained glass sunset window featuring mountains, water, and trees

Colorado Stained Glass

Colorado Stained Glass Projects Colorado Area Stained Glass With its panoramic mountain vistas and sunsets that fill the sky with every color of the rainbow, Colorado provides endless inspiration for stained glass artists. Non-religious stained glass that depicts the sublime beauty of the everyday is perfect for retail and hospitality settings, hospitals and universities, and […]

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Stained glass cross with uplifting words from the Book of John

Alabama Stained Glass

Alabama Stained Glass Projects Alabama Area Stained Glass Religious faith is one of the cornerstones of Alabama society, a fact that is made abundantly clear by the many Southern Baptist “mega churches” that hold thousands as well as the smaller cathedrals in the state. Christians in Alabama honor Christ through song, Bible readings, sermons, and […]

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Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Floral Rose Windows

Floral Rose Windows The rose windows found in circular openings in Gothic churches and places of worship featuring other styles can have several themes. For instance, common symbols of the faith, important figures, and musical instruments can all be incorporated into the already captivating design of rose windows. Another option for rose windows is floral […]

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