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24 Lovely Stained Glass Landscapes for Living Rooms

Are you redecorating your living room, or perhaps building for the first time? Imagine the stunning effect you could create with some stained glass features in your home. Whether you choose window inserts, transoms, door panels, lampshades or wall hangings, stained glass gives an unforgettable effect of elegance and style. If you are a landscape […]

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This stained glass image features a Tiffany style landscape

Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

  Stained Glass Window Reproductions- Louis Comfort Tiffany When you hear about stained glass, often Tiffany stained glass comes to mind whether it is a stained glass lamp, a stained glass window or some other piece of stained glass art. Sometimes, stained glass artwork is called Tiffany glass when, in fact, it is anything but. […]

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Illuminated Stained Glass at the Palmilla Resort

Palmilla Resort Stained Glass

Palmilla Resort Los Cabos, Mexico Stained Glass The Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico is a stunning example of smart architectural design. A place for rest and recreation, the Palmilla Resort offers respite and adventure. Like any world class resort, the Palmilla enchants its guests with attractive architectural details like the stained glass embedded in […]

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Pictorial stained glass window showing a captivating sunset scene

Montana Stained Glass

Montana┬áStained Glass Projects Montana Area Stained Glass Those who appreciate the rugged splendor of wide open wilderness have no trouble understanding why Montana is known as “The Treasure State.” With its abundant wildlife and numerous mountain ranges, national parks, and picturesque lakes, this part of the Western United States draws millions of tourists annually. Individuals […]

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Christian stained glass showing Christ with His young disciples

Missouri Stained Glass

Missouri Stained Glass Projects Missouri Area Stained Glass The massive Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, is the creation many people likely associate with Missouri. However, there are smaller masterpieces found throughout the state that are made not of steel and concrete, but faceted glass. Catholic stained […]

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Stained glass art showing the Holy Trinity

Minnesota Stained Glass

Made up of the densely-populated Twin Cities and rural areas where prairies, forests, and farms comprise most of the landscape, Minnesota is a prime place for business and natural beauty. In the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there are also many examples of religious and non-religious stained glass. A source of inspiration, warm light, and full-spectrum […]

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Tiffany style stained glass art: Mt. Sinai

Synagogue Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Inc. Offers Jewish Stained Glass Art For Synagogues and Homes In the Jewish community, the synagogue is a meeting place for the faithful as well as a symbol and a source of spiritual strength for those who follow the teachings of Judaism. In synagogues, stained glass art has both a symbolic and a […]

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Jesus stained glass window showing His Crucifixion

Connecticut Stained Glass

Connecticut Area Stained Glass The First Presbyterian Church of Stamford is a must-see for anyone interested in Connecticut stained glass. Designed by architect Wallace K. Harrison, it is a landmark with towering stained glass windows that contain more than 20,000 pieces of faceted glass. These aren’t the only remarkable art glass windows in the state, […]

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This Tiffany stained glass image features Christ on the cross with Mary and John at His feet.

Pictorial Stained Glass Windows: The Death and Burial of Christ

The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus in Stained Glass There is perhaps no image more closely connected with Christianity than that of Jesus on the cross. The manner in which Jesus died was painful and any death evokes feelings of grief and sadness, but according to the teachings of Christianity this event was necessary. Through […]

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