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Adam and Eve banished from Eden

Stained Glass Representations of Adam and Eve

Pictorial Stained Glass Windows Representing Adam and Eve Adam and Eve represent one of the earliest points in Christianity’s timeline of the human race. Situated in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve represent both the idyllic human form and lifestyle, but they also inextricably linked to sin and the fall of man. The birth-parents […]

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Christian stained glass showing Christ with His young disciples

Missouri Stained Glass

Missouri Stained Glass Projects Missouri Area Stained Glass The massive Gateway Arch in St. Louis, which is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, is the creation many people likely associate with Missouri. However, there are smaller masterpieces found throughout the state that are made not of steel and concrete, but faceted glass. Catholic stained […]

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Stained glass art showing the Holy Trinity

Minnesota Stained Glass

Made up of the densely-populated Twin Cities and rural areas where prairies, forests, and farms comprise most of the landscape, Minnesota is a prime place for business and natural beauty. In the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there are also many examples of religious and non-religious stained glass. A source of inspiration, warm light, and full-spectrum […]

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Stained glass depiction of St. Cecilia.

Christian Stained Glass Windows featuring the Saints

Saints in Christian Stained Glass Windows Many different types of artists–including those who specialize in religious stained glass–have honored the venerated servants of the Lord known as saints through their works. Stained glass windows featuring the saints are a truly beautiful way to add color and charm to your decor.It’s safe to say that no […]

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Stained glass window of the Triumphal Entry.

Triumphal Entry Stained Glass Windows

Church Stained Glass featuring the Triumphal Entry The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem took place during the final days of His ministry on Earth. While stained glass artists have interpreted and represented this event in their own unique ways, these works of stained glass typically contain several key elements. First, Christ is pictured riding […]

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The Presentation of Christ is illustrated in this gorgeous stained glass artwork.

Presentation of Child Stained Glass Designs

The Presentation of Jesus in Stunning Stained Glass Very little is known about the infancy and childhood of Jesus, but the Bible does tell us that Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem when He was just 40 days old. This presentation was required under Jewish law. Even at this […]

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Stained Glass Images: The Passion of Christ

Stained Glass Images: The Passion of Christ The Passion is the term used to describe the events in Christ’s life that led up to His suffering and death on the cross. Stained glass window art focusing on this period in the Savior’s life on earth may depict His arrest after He was betrayed by the […]

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