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Saint Peter in stained glass.

Saint Peter Stained Glass Windows

Saint Peter Religious Stained Glass Windows Saint Peter was one of Christ’s Twelve Apostles, and Gospel accounts in the New Testament suggest the disciple was also one of His most favored. Saint Peter art glass windows are routinely inspired by information provided about this righteous man in the Bible. Saint Peter is often regarded as […]

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Stained glass depiction of Saint Paul.

Stained Glass Windows Honoring Saint Paul

Saint Paul Stained Glass Windows One of the things that made the life of Saint Paul–also known as Paul the Apostle–so significant is that he actively persecuted Christians before becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Like many of the early saints, Paul made it his mission to share the good news of Jesus with as […]

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Stained glass depiction of St. Cecilia.

Christian Stained Glass Windows featuring the Saints

Saints in Christian Stained Glass Windows Many different types of artists–including those who specialize in religious stained glass–have honored the venerated servants of the Lord known as saints through their works. Stained glass windows featuring the saints are a truly beautiful way to add color and charm to your decor.It’s safe to say that no […]

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Saint Joseph in stained glass.

Saint Joseph Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows featuring St. Joseph Saint Joseph is best known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Because of the important role he played in the early life of the Savior, it is not surprising that he is one of the most well-known and celebrated saints in the Christian faith. The details provided in […]

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