Saint Joseph Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows featuring St. Joseph

Saint Joseph is best known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Because of the important role he played in the early life of the Savior, it is not surprising that he is one of the most well-known and celebrated saints in the Christian faith. The details provided in the Bible about Saint Joseph are somewhat scarce, so stained glass artists have represented him in various ways, both as a relatively youthful and aged man. Common themes of ecclesiastic stained glass windows honoring Saint Joseph include: his death, domestic scenes with the other two members of the Holy Family, Joseph’s work as a carpenter (and in some cases teaching Jesus the skill), and his love and affection for his young stepson. Saint Joseph stained glass windows are particularly well-suited for parishes named in his honor.

Saint Joseph in stained glass.

Saint Joseph is shown with the child Christ in this stained glass window panel.

The Story of Saint Joseph

The Bible provides relatively few details about Saint Joseph, but the information given suggests that he was a compassionate and humble man who was willing to trust in the wisdom of the Lord. When the carpenter Joseph was engaged to the Virgin Mary, he found out she was with child. Because the couple had been celibate, his natural assumption was that she had been unfaithful. He nevertheless still felt concern towards his young bride-to-be, and intended to leave her quietly. An angel visited him and told him the truth, however, and he made the honorable decision to obey the Lord and stay by Mary’s side both during and after her pregnancy.

Shortly after Jesus was born, Joseph played a key role in saving the life of this newest member of the Holy Family. Heeding an angel’s warning about King Herod’s intention to kill the young Messiah, he traveled with the Holy Family into Egypt until the danger had passed. In the Bible, those who knew Jesus called Him the “son of Joseph,” a statement that suggests the saint raised Christ as his own flesh and blood.

Because Joseph is not mentioned after Jesus begins His public ministry, it is assumed that he died before Jesus was baptized. Stained glass artists show the saint surrounded by his wife and stepson at the time of his death, presumably at peace and ready to enter the kingdom of God.

Options For Your Religious Stained Glass From Stained Glass Inc.:

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