Christian Stained Glass Windows featuring the Saints

Saints in Christian Stained Glass Windows

Many different types of artists–including those who specialize in religious stained glass–have honored the venerated servants of the Lord known as saints through their works. Stained glass windows featuring the saints are a truly beautiful way to add color and charm to your decor.It’s safe to say that no two church stained glass windows honoring saints are exactly alike, but many do share some features. First, the saint is often the centerpiece of the stained glass. He or she may be shown in front of a simple background or one featuring more complex patterns and colors. The name of the saint may be incorporated in some manner into the work. The other characteristic often found in this type of stained glass art is that the saint is shown with an object specifically associated with him or her.  Saint Cecilia, for instance, is typically pictured with a musical instrument of some kind.

Stained glass depiction of St. Cecilia.

Saint Cecilia is pictured with an organ.

Saints of The Catholic Faith

Throughout history, the Catholic Church has named more than 10,000 individuals who are exceptionally holy in some way to sainthood. Some may have been models of how people should strive to live, while others performed documented miracles during their earthly lives. Just a handful of Roman Catholic saints that have been honored through the naming of parishes and church stained glass windows are:

  • Saint Cecilia: Believed to be from Rome, her title as patron saint of music is a fitting one indeed. It is said that she sang to the Lord even as she was being killed.
  • The Apostles of Jesus: With the exception of Judas the betrayer, all of the Apostles of Jesus are saints of the Catholic Church. The honor granted to these men needs no explanation–they followed and served Jesus without question, and worked passionately to expand His ministry of love.
  • Saint Patrick: This patron saint of Ireland has a day named in his honor that is celebrated by believers and non-believers alike. Faceted glass windows depicting him routinely show the saint holding a shamrock, since it is said he used this simple plant to explain the nature of the Holy Trinity.
  • Saint Bridget: During her life she devoted herself entirely to the Lord by becoming a nun. She was also known for being kind and generous to the poor. Her purity and loveliness caused people to compare her to the Virgin Mother and earned her the nickname “Mary of the Irish.”
Saint Agnes in stained glass.
Saint Agnes is pictured in this stained glass window panel.

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