Stained Glass Windows Honoring Saint Paul

Saint Paul Stained Glass Windows

One of the things that made the life of Saint Paul–also known as Paul the Apostle–so significant is that he actively persecuted Christians before becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. Like many of the early saints, Paul made it his mission to share the good news of Jesus with as many people as he could. One of the better known Christian saints, Paul is the subject of numerous ecclesiastic stained glass windows. The works of some stained glass artists show the saint standing alone and holding the “sword of faith” typically associated with him. Other popular themes for stained glass church windows honoring Saint Paul are his dramatic conversion to Christianity and his healing of the sick.

Stained glass depiction of Saint Paul.

Saint Paul is pictured in colorful stained glass.

The Story of Saint Paul

Before he dedicated his life to serving the Lord, Saint Paul was a devout Jew. He never met Jesus once during the Savior’s time on Earth, a fact that makes his conversion even more unlikely and indeed miraculous.

Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus is described in the Acts of the Apostles and by Paul himself in the First Epistle to the Corinthians. During Paul’s journey, a brilliant light from Heaven shone upon him. Jesus spoke to the soon-to-be Christian, revealing that He was the true risen Lord. Paul was struck blind by the encounter, and had to be led the rest of the way to Damascus. After three days, a disciple of Jesus named Ananias came to Paul and laid his hands upon the blind man. Almost immediately, Paul’s sight was restored.

Not surprisingly, Paul’s experience convinced him of the errors of his ways. He became a devoted missionary who spent his days trying to show others the right path. Romans 1 recounts many of the statements made by Paul regarding Jesus and his new found faith. Paul identifies himself as a servant of Christ and proclaims that Jesus is the Son of God and the Lord. According to Christian tradition Paul was martyred near Rome during the reign of Nero. There is little doubt, however, that his devoutness and devotion to Jesus allowed him to enter the Kingdom of God upon his death.

Stained glass iamge of Saint Paul.

This stained glass window features Saint Paul in glorious color.

Characteristics of Catholic Stained Glass by Stained Glass Inc.:

  • Our stained glass art will serve as a source of wonder and pride in any parish
  • All stained glass images can be back lit and enjoyed on cloudy days and at night
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  • The material we use to craft Christian stained glass windows is easy to clean, strong, shatter-resistant, and lead free

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