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Illuminated Stained Glass at the Palmilla Resort

Palmilla Resort Stained Glass

Palmilla Resort Los Cabos, Mexico Stained Glass The Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico is a stunning example of smart architectural design. A place for rest and recreation, the Palmilla Resort offers respite and adventure. Like any world class resort, the Palmilla enchants its guests with attractive architectural details like the stained glass embedded in […]

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Stained glass art showing the Holy Trinity

Minnesota Stained Glass

Made up of the densely-populated Twin Cities and rural areas where prairies, forests, and farms comprise most of the landscape, Minnesota is a prime place for business and natural beauty. In the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there are also many examples of religious and non-religious stained glass. A source of inspiration, warm light, and full-spectrum […]

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Stained glass rose window crafted for a private residence

District of Columbia DC Stained Glass

District of Columbia Stained Glass Projects The National Cathedral, the White House, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol, and the Franciscan monastery are just a small number of the exquisite works of architecture found in Washington, DC. Exemplifying a number of architectural styles, many of these buildings have at least one characteristic in common: […]

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The Sacred Heart in stained glass.

Christian Symbolism Stained Glass

Symbolic Stained Glass Windows Symbolism is the representation of events or ideas through the use of images. Many different types of artists–from writers to painters–incorporate symbolism into their masterpieces, and stained glass artists are no exception. For those who specialize in the creation of Catholic stained glass, the Bible offers a rich selection of symbolic […]

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The Presentation of Christ is illustrated in this gorgeous stained glass artwork.

Presentation of Child Stained Glass Designs

The Presentation of Jesus in Stunning Stained Glass Very little is known about the infancy and childhood of Jesus, but the Bible does tell us that Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem when He was just 40 days old. This presentation was required under Jewish law. Even at this […]

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