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Stained glass rose window crafted for a private residence

The National Cathedral, the White House, the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol, and the Franciscan monastery are just a small number of the exquisite works of architecture found in Washington, DC. Exemplifying a number of architectural styles, many of these buildings have at least one characteristic in common: stained glass artwork is used to perfect their design. If you require replacement stained glass for a DC building or need to commission a one-of-a-kind piece of stained glass art, Stained Glass Inc. is here to help.

DC Stained Glass Project Types

In many states, it’s religious sanctuaries that house the most fascinating pieces of stained glass art. There are glorious examples of art glass windows in DC houses of worship too, but government buildings, museums, and monuments are also prime locations for faceted glass. With our massive selection of stained glass designs and our custom stained glass, Stained Glass Inc. can supply pieces for:

  • Government buildings
  • Hotels
  • Private residences
  • Retail stores and shopping plazas
  • Parks and memorials
  • Other religious and non-religious settings

Stained Glass for District of Columbia

The trio of rose windows in the Washington National Cathedral are just one reason why this sacred space is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered one of the top architectural masterpieces in the entire country. At Stained Glass Inc., our stained glass gallery contains several types of rose windows, allowing you to add the beautiful color, exquisite patterns, and rich symbolism of rose windows to your chosen space. Choose from:

District of Columbia Areas Served by Stained Glass Inc.:

Regardless of the DC neighborhood where you are located, we can provide stained glass art of exceptional quality and remarkable beauty. Whether you need a simple stained glass transom window for a private residence in Chevy Chase or a series of religious stained glass panels for a Catholic church close to Manor Park, we will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you need.

For More Stained Glass Information

When you need stained glass art for a building in our nation’s capital, not just any stained glass manufacturer will do. Along with our sister company Stromberg Architectural, Stained Glass Inc. has completed projects for several iconic DC buildings, including the Smithsonian, the U.S. Capitol building, and the White House. To learn more about the numerous advantages of working with us to complete your District of Columbia stained glass project, visit the Stained Glass Inc. website. If you are interested in a free initial consultation and a complimentary estimate for your DC stained glass project, simply fill out the contact form on our site or call us at 903-454-8376 to speak with a representative.

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