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The Presentation of Christ is illustrated in this gorgeous stained glass artwork.

Presentation of Child Stained Glass Designs

The Presentation of Jesus in Stunning Stained Glass Very little is known about the infancy and childhood of Jesus, but the Bible does tell us that Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem when He was just 40 days old. This presentation was required under Jewish law. Even at this […]

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The birth of Jesus is depicted in brilliant color in this stained glass image.

The Nativity Celebrated in Stained Glass Art

Nativity Art Glass Windows Every December during the weeks leading up to Christmas, references to and celebrations of Christ’s birth seem to be everywhere. Displays in people’s homes show Him sleeping in His manger, and carols on the radio speak of the joy associated with the Newborn King. The event of Christ’s birth is known […]

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The Flight to Egypt is depicted in this cathedral style stained glass window.

Stained Glass Window Art: The Flight to Egypt

The Flight to Egypt in Beautiful Stained Glass Long before Jesus was sentenced to die on the cross, His life was threatened by Herod the Great. The ruler felt jealousy and unease when he learned of the newborn child, and tried to have the young Messiah killed. Through both divine and earthly efforts, however, the […]

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