Presentation of Child Stained Glass Designs

The Presentation of Jesus in Stunning Stained Glass

Very little is known about the infancy and childhood of Jesus, but the Bible does tell us that Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to a temple in Jerusalem when He was just 40 days old. This presentation was required under Jewish law. Even at this young age, He was recognized as the Messiah. If a church contains a series of Christian stained glass windows showing the important events in the life of the Savior, one of these works will often be a depiction of His presentation at the temple. Simeon is frequently a key figure in these art glass windows–he may be shown encountering the blessed child for the first time or holding the young Messiah in his arms.

The Presentation of Christ is illustrated in this gorgeous stained glass artwork.

The Presentation of Jesus in stained glass

The Presentation of Child Story

The story of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple appears in the Gospel of Luke (2 : 22-40). The fact that Jesus was brought to the temple is not unusual–the Law of Moses stated that every male child must be presented in this holy place and a sacrifice made in his honor. It was largely the Holy Family’s encounter with Simeon the Righteous that made the event a significant one in the early life of Jesus. Simeon was a devout man who had been told by the Holy Ghost that he would not die until he had laid eyes on the Christ. When he took the baby in his arms, he knew that the promise had been kept and that he was looking at the Messiah and the salvation of the world.

Before leaving the temple and returning to Nazareth, a prophetess named Anna also saw the infant Jesus. Like Simeon, she recognized Jesus as the Christ child. After giving thanks to the Lord, she told those gathered in the temple of the redemption this child would bring to Israel.

Simeon holds Jesus as Mary and Joseph look on in this colorful stained glass image.

Simeon holding the young messiah

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