The Resurrection Stained Glass

The Resurrection of Christ in Stained Glass

The story of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross after He was betrayed by Judas and abandoned by the Apostles is certainly a heartbreaking one. However, it is also the precursor for arguably the most glorious and miraculous event in the entire Bible: the Resurrection. The belief that Christ rose from the dead three days after the Crucifixion is a key tenet of the Christian faith and a theme of many church stained glass windows. These art glass windows frequently show Jesus emerging from the tomb where He was laid to rest, and those who discovered the empty tomb may also be portrayed. Some stained glass artists show the angel of God that delivered the good news of Christ’s rising. The artistic style of Resurrection stained glass ranges from highly realistic to abstract.

A stained glass depiction of Christ's resurrection.

The Resurrection of Christ is pictured in stunning stained glass.

The Story of The Resurrection

After Christ suffered on the cross and drew His last breath, Joseph of Arimathea took the Savior down. His body was wrapped in fine linen and placed in a tomb. Most likely assumed that this would be the Savior’s final resting place. It is believed He remained here for three days before rising again.

According to the Gospel of Matthew (28 : 1-10) it was Mary Magdalene and “the other Mary” (presumably Christ’s mother) that arrived at the tomb to find it empty. An angel told the women: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” The women were filled with great joy at the news.

The Bible also tells us that Jesus appeared to the women who discovered the empty tomb and others in His resurrected form. He remained on Earth for 40 days before He ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father.

Jesus stained glass showing His Resurrection evokes feelings of joy and hope not only because the Savior rose from the dead, but also because eternal life is promised to all Christians who strive to live righteously and believe in the word of the Lord.

The resurrection of Jesus in stained glass.

A beautifully framed illustration of Christ’s resurrection in stained glass.

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