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Stained glass window of the Triumphal Entry.

Triumphal Entry Stained Glass Windows

Church Stained Glass featuring the Triumphal Entry The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem took place during the final days of His ministry on Earth. While stained glass artists have interpreted and represented this event in their own unique ways, these works of stained glass typically contain several key elements. First, Christ is pictured riding […]

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Christ calming the storm.

Sea of Galilee Stained Glass Art

Stories from the Sea of Galilee Situated in northern Israel, the Sea of Galilee was much more than a body of water casually mentioned in the Bible. It served as a backdrop for the Calling of the Disciples and was also where Jesus performed several of His miracles. Stained glass church windows featuring scenes from […]

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Stained Glass Images: The Passion of Christ

Stained Glass Images: The Passion of Christ The Passion is the term used to describe the events in Christ’s life that led up to His suffering and death on the cross. Stained glass window art focusing on this period in the Savior’s life on earth may depict His arrest after He was betrayed by the […]

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The parable of the Good Samaritan is illustrated in stained glass.

Christ’s Parables in Stained Glass

Parables of Christ are Depicted in Stained Glass A parable is a story that is created to teach a fundamental lesson or reveal an important truth. During His time with mankind on Earth, Jesus frequently used parables as a teaching tool. Those who believe in the truth of the Bible tend to place special importance […]

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