Triumphal Entry Stained Glass Windows

Church Stained Glass featuring the Triumphal Entry

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem took place during the final days of His ministry on Earth. While stained glass artists have interpreted and represented this event in their own unique ways, these works of stained glass typically contain several key elements. First, Christ is pictured riding a donkey. He is usually shown encountering a crowd as He rides into the holy city. The ground before Jesus may be covered with palms or cloaks, a sign that the people who welcomed Jesus held Him in high esteem. A Jesus stained glass window showing His triumphal entry should be considered an essential addition to any series of stained glass panels showing significant events in the life of Christ.

Stained glass window of the Triumphal Entry.

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry is shown in this stained glass artwork.

The Story of The Triumphal Entry

One of the most important truths in the Christian faith is not just that Jesus died for our sins, but that He made this sacrifice willingly. Indeed, even during His triumphal entry on the Sunday before His death, Jesus knew His earthly life was coming to a close. The event is described in all four gospels of the Bible, and is still remembered today during Palm Sunday services.

According to the Bible, Jesus sent His disciples to find a donkey. Christ chose to ride on the back of this beast to signify that He was coming in peace. In that time, those who intended to wage war would have ridden a horse instead.

The people of Jerusalem knew of the miraculous works of Jesus, and greeted Him accordingly. They laid down their cloaks on the street, a sign of great honor at the time. Palm branches were also placed in His path, a symbol of victory and–fittingly–triumph. The people cried out: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” The Pharisees grew angry and jealous when they heard the people rejoicing and giving praise, and told Jesus to silence them. Jesus refused, saying “the stones would cry out” if they were made to be quiet.

Triumphal Entry in stained glass.

Jesus rides upon a donkey as He enters into Jerusalem.

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