Stained Glass Representations of Adam and Eve

Pictorial Stained Glass Windows Representing Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve banished from Eden

Adam and Eve banished from Eden

Adam and Eve represent one of the earliest points in Christianity’s timeline of the human race. Situated in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve represent both the idyllic human form and lifestyle, but they also inextricably linked to sin and the fall of man. The birth-parents of all humanity, Adam and Eve were given paradise, but they lost it when Eve succumbed to Satan’s devious trickery and disobeyed God’s single command to not eat from the tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve, therefore, remind us not only of the goodness of God and origins of mankind; they also remind us of the potential for sin in all of us.

Stained Glass Representations of Adam and Eve by Stained Glass Inc.

Due to the potency of imagery depicting Adam and Eve, the parents of mankind are a frequent muse for stained glass artists and are popular in churches of various creeds and denominations. Stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc. are the pinnacle of affordable stained glass. Whether they depict Adam and Eve, Christ, or any other character or scene from the Bible, our stained glass windows are not only more affordable, they are also more diverse than any other product on the market. Our windows are stronger and more resistant to shattering than traditional stained glass, and the fact that we do not use any heavy metals like lead means that our stained glass windows are naturally safer than the alternative.

Diverse and Affordable Stained Glass Windows

The magic of a stained glass window is never more evident than when it is backlit by natural light. However, many churches or religious spaces might not have the luxury of having access to natural light. Fortunately, stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc. can be artificially backlit with L.E.D. lights to provide warm, glowing religious iconography at any time of the day or night even when there is no source of natural light. Finally, radiant stained glass representations of Adam and Eve can be made available to religious spaces where they would never have been seen before, such as hospital churches and airport prayer rooms. No matter where you choose to hang it, Adam and Eve stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc. can be custom designed and fit to accommodate any space.

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If you have any questions about our stained glass windows representing Adam and Eve, or any other Biblical or secular theme, contact us today for more information. We have hundreds of different designs to choose from, and our in-house artisans are always available for custom orders, so contact Stained Glass Inc. today!

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