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Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea

Stained Glass Windows Depicting Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses and the Ten Commandments One of the most iconic tales of the Old Testament is Moses’s receipt of the Ten Commandments. Written on stone tablets as the direct word of God, these Commandments defined Judaism throughout the Exodus, until they were made manifest in Christ, the Son of God, and adopted by Christendom. Moses’s […]

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Beautiful Stained Glass Windows from Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Representations of the Fall of Man

Stained Glass Windows and the Fall of Man One of the darker stories in the Old Testament, the Fall of Man refers to Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden when she was tempted by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit, thus going against God’s will. As punishment for her crime, Adam and Eve were […]

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Adam and Eve banished from Eden

Stained Glass Representations of Adam and Eve

Pictorial Stained Glass Windows Representing Adam and Eve Adam and Eve represent one of the earliest points in Christianity’s timeline of the human race. Situated in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve represent both the idyllic human form and lifestyle, but they also inextricably linked to sin and the fall of man. The birth-parents […]

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This stained glass window features Passover.

Old Testament Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows Illustrating the Old Testament The Bible–the single most important document in the Christian faith–is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. The latter focuses on Christ’s ministry, and includes the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and several other books. The Old Testament recounts the history of the Jews–God’s chosen […]

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