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Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea

Stained Glass Windows Depicting Moses and the Ten Commandments

Moses and the Ten Commandments One of the most iconic tales of the Old Testament is Moses’s receipt of the Ten Commandments. Written on stone tablets as the direct word of God, these Commandments defined Judaism throughout the Exodus, until they were made manifest in Christ, the Son of God, and adopted by Christendom. Moses’s […]

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Beautiful Nativity Scene Stained Glass by Stained Glass Inc.

Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass Windows

The Beauty of Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass Easily the most celebrated Christian holiday, Christmas evokes cheer and warmth even in the darkest winter months. Stained glass windows depicting the nativity scene can add to that warmth with radiant, colorful depictions of the birth of Christ and the Adoration of the Magi. Stained Glass Inc. […]

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Stained glass window insert showing Christ set against a striking blue background

Washington Stained Glass

Washington Area Stained Glass While the majority of Washington’s residents live in the sprawling metropolis of Seattle, there are also smaller regions where picturesque and unspoiled wilderness exists in abundance. In both urban and rural areas, there are arresting examples of Washington stained glass in religious and non-religious buildings alike. For those searching for Washington stained […]

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A richly-colored stained glass panel showing grapes and leaves

New Jersey Stained Glass

New Jersey Stained Glass Projects New Jersey Area Stained Glass The prosperous state of New Jersey has communities considered part of the massive metropolises of Philadelphia and New York, as well as some less populous towns and cities. Regardless of where you are in “The Garden State,” you don’t need to travel too far to find gorgeous […]

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Jesus stained glass transom window

North Carolina Stained Glass

North Carolina Area Stained Glass As a strong link in the Bible Belt’s chain of faithful states, North Carolina, including the city of Charlotte named as the “City of Churches, not only provides a great place to raise a family, but it is also a central area for technology firms, higher education, and entrepreneurial and […]

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Stained glass showing the Baby Jesus surrounded by angels

North Dakota Stained Glass

North Dakota Stained Glass Projects North Dakota Area Stained Glass Part of the massive area of flat grassland and prairie known as the Great Plains, North Dakota has a significant population of Native Americans, a large number of agricultural operations, and an unemployment rate that is below the national average. For those interested in ecclesiastical stained glass […]

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Jesus stained glass showing His Ascension into Heaven

South Dakota Stained Glass

South Dakota Stained Glass Projects South Dakota Area Stained Glass Mount Rushmore–an imposing sculpture featuring the likenesses of Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Lincoln in solid granite–is undoubtedly the work of art most closely associated with the state of South Dakota. Like many other parts of America, this sparsely populated state also has its fair share of […]

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Jesus stained glass window depicting Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

Ohio Stained Glass

Ohio Stained Glass Projects Ohio Area Stained Glass Home to a number of major cities, colleges and universities, and professional sports teams, Ohio is one of the most populous states in the entire country. It also has a fabulous collection of stained glass, from the “Justice” window in a state courthouse designed by a member […]

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Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

New Mexico Stained Glass

New Mexico Stained Glass Projects New Mexico Area Stained Glass With its varied culture and extraordinary landscapes that include canyons, mountains, and gorges, New Mexico has certainly earned its nickname: “The Land of Enchantment.” The influence of the Spanish settlers and the large population of Native Americans here have a distinct influence on all types of […]

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Stained glass art showing the "Good Shepherd" holding a member of His flock

Wisconsin Stained Glass

Wisconsin Stained Glass Projects Wisconsin Area Stained Glass The many symbols associated with the state of Wisconsin offer numerous possibilities for non-religious stained glass art. The state bird (robin), tree (sugar maple), insect (honey bee), flower (wood violet), and more could all be used by stained glass artists to create works that are distinctly Wisconsin. […]

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