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New Mexico Stained Glass Projects

Rose window for a private residence created by Stained Glass Inc.

New Mexico Area Stained Glass

With its varied culture and extraordinary landscapes that include canyons, mountains, and gorges, New Mexico has certainly earned its nickname: “The Land of Enchantment.” The influence of the Spanish settlers and the large population of Native Americans here have a distinct influence on all types of art produced in the state, including stained glass. The bright colors, tribal symbols, and subjects can all be used to identify a piece of “southwest” faceted glass.

Whether you want a stained glass window insert that represents the unique history of New Mexico, pays tribute to Tiffany, or presents religious tenets, Stained Glass Inc. can help. By choosing us, you will get access to the world’s largest selection of stained glass images. To make any work uniquely yours, you can:

  • Request changes to the color scheme
  • Alter the size or shape
  • Add text
  • Choose a flattering frame
  • Surround your stained glass art with keystones and arches
  • Work with us to design a totally original custom piece

New Mexico Stained Glass Project Types

At Stained Glass Inc., all of our heirloom quality faceted glass works are captivating sources of rich color and mood-lifting light. However, the subjects and looks of our stained glass art are as varied as our clients in New Mexico and other parts of the U.S. and the world. A few categories found in our stained glass gallery include:

  • Jesus stained glass
  • Various non-religious stained glass art works (floral, landscape, etc.)
  • Rose windows
  • Tiffany-style stained glass
  • Stained glass memorial plaques
  • Virgin Mary stained glass

Stained Glass for New Mexico

While our online collection of stunning stained glass images will likely give you ideas and inspiration for your New Mexico stained glass project, we know that choosing a supplier involves taking many factors other than the beauty of their stained glass designs into consideration. That’s why our website also contains informative pages about:

New Mexico Areas Served by Stained Glass Inc.:

Albuquerque stained glass, Las Cruces stained glass, Santa Fe stained glass, Rio Rancho stained glass, Roswell stained glass, South Valley stained glass, Farmington stained glass, Alamogordo stained glass, Clovis stained glass, Hobbs stained glass, and more.

For More Stained Glass Information

The Stained Glass Inc. website contains a wealth of free stained glass information that will introduce you to our collection, our cutting-edge material, and our services, but you likely have questions specifically related to your New Mexico stained glass project that aren’t answered on the site. If so, we can provide a free initial consultation and a custom estimate. Call us at 903-454-8376 or fill out the contact form on our site to get started.

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