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Wisconsin Stained Glass Projects

Stained glass art showing the “Good Shepherd” holding a member of His flock

Wisconsin Area Stained Glass

The many symbols associated with the state of Wisconsin offer numerous possibilities for non-religious stained glass art. The state bird (robin), tree (sugar maple), insect (honey bee), flower (wood violet), and more could all be used by stained glass artists to create works that are distinctly Wisconsin. One characteristic that Wisconsin shares with many other states is that the vast majority of residents who belong to a religion follow the Christian faith. Wisconsin therefore has an abundance of Christian stained glass windows in its churches, cathedrals, and basilicas.

If you require religious or non-religious art work for a Wisconsin stained glass project, Stained Glass Inc. can give you access to the largest stained glass gallery in the world. We also offer virtually endless custom stained glass options. The properties of our stained glass inserts make them especially well-suited for use in Wisconsin, where temperatures fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Our shatter-resistant stained glass inserts that have all the beauty of traditional leaded glass windows provide added insulation to keep spaces cooler in summer, warmer in winter. This helps cut heating and air conditioning costs.

Wisconsin Stained Glass Project Types

Our stained glass windows that install in minutes are a popular option, but there are many other choices when you want to introduce a source of full-spectrum color and prismatic light to a space with faceted glass. Elements you can order from Stained Glass Inc. for your Wisconsin stained glass project include:

  • Stained glass transom windows
  • Stained glass doors
  • Stained glass partitions
  • Stained glass domes
  • Handcrafted altar furniture with stained glass accents

Stained Glass for Wisconsin

With our custom stained glass process you can have an original piece of Wisconsin stained glass created that is based on your vision, ideas, and instructions. Many clients, however, are able to find exactly what they want by perusing our extensive collection of stained glass images featured on our site. Some categories in our stained glass gallery include:

Wisconsin Areas Served by Stained Glass Inc.:

Milwaukee stained glass, Madison stained glass, Green Bay stained glass, Kenosha stained glass, Racine stained glass, Appleton stained glass, Waukesha stained glass, Oshkosh stained glass, Eau Claire stained glass, West Allis stained glass, and more.

For More Stained Glass Information

The Stained Glass Inc. website has helpful free stained glass information if you’re looking for inspiration for a Wisconsin stained glass project or just want to find out more about our material and the services we offer. If you have a question or concern that is not addressed on our site, you can call us at 903-454-8376 or fill out the contact form on our site. We also provide initial consultations and personalized estimates to prospective clients at no cost.

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