Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass Windows

The Beauty of Christmas and Nativity Stained Glass

The Nativity Scene in stained glass.

A colorful stained glass depiction of the Nativity Scene.

Easily the most celebrated Christian holiday, Christmas evokes cheer and warmth even in the darkest winter months. Stained glass windows depicting the nativity scene can add to that warmth with radiant, colorful depictions of the birth of Christ and the Adoration of the Magi. Stained Glass Inc. takes special pride in their windows to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality products befitting such a holy subject.

Stained Glass Inc. Windows Add Warmth to Any Room

One of the disadvantages of traditional stained glass is that it requires backlighting to truly demonstrate its radiance. Stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc. can be customized with built in lighting, which makes them perfect for rooms which do not receive much light, walls that are not shared with the outdoors or ceremonies that take place after dark. Our backlit stained glass windows are perfect for rooms that do not allow traditional stained glass windows due to their architectural layout, making them ideal for hospital or airport prayer rooms. Also, many Christians choose to attend Midnight Mass on Christmas, a time during which most stained glass windows are dull and lifeless. Backlit stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc., on the other hand, radiate warmth and color during after-hours ceremonies, like Midnight Mass.

Custom Designs from the Southwest’s Premiere Stained Glass Manufacturer

Although we have several different stained glass window designs depicting the Birth of Christ and the Adoration of the Magi, it is also possible to custom order stained glass windows from Stained Glass Inc.. When you custom order a window from us, you are guaranteed the best in the business. We are one of the largest manufacturers of stained glass windows in the area, which means our prices are always competitive. You will also work personally with one of our master artisans to make sure that your custom stained glass window is a 100% perfect match to your vision.

Nativity Scene Stained Glass Windows Make the Perfect Gift

Although stained glass windows are typically found in churches, they are by no means exclusive to churches. This year, consider a radiant stained glass window as a Christmas gift. They can be installed in residences, offices or anywhere that would benefit from the warming glow of colorful stained glass.

Benefits of Stained Glass Windows from Stained Glass Inc.

  • Durable Polymer-blend Glass is easy to maintain and resistant to impacts.
  • Stained Glass Windows can be backlit with LEDs so as to avoid the necessity of natural backlighting.
  • Light-weight stained glass windows can be easily installed without specialists.

Contact Stained Glass Inc. Today

If you have any questions about our stained glass windows representing The Fall of Man, or any other Biblical or secular theme, contact us today for more information. We have hundreds of different designs to choose from, and our in-house artisans are always available for custom orders, so contact Stained Glass Inc. today!

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