Stained Glass Representations of the Fall of Man

Stained Glass Windows and the Fall of Man

One of the darker stories in the Old Testament, the Fall of Man refers to Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden when she was tempted by Satan to eat the forbidden fruit, thus going against God’s will. As punishment for her crime, Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise and were made mortal. This narrative represents the birth of sin, and is a reminder to all Christians, regardless of denomination, of the fallibility of man and the supreme rule of God. Stained Glass Inc. has several stained glass window designs which depict the story of the Fall of Man, all of which are beautifully rendered and timeless reminders of this quintessential origin story.

Impeccable Stained Glass Windows Depicting the Fall of Man

The narrative of the Fall of Man is not only a reminder of the fallibility of man, it is also a reminder of what was lost through sin. More so than any mural or painting, our stained glass windows capture the contrast of light and darkness that exists within this tale, while bringing it to life with vibrant colors and intricate detail. Fortunately, due to the unique blend of polymers employed by Stained Glass Inc., our stained glass windows are durable, easy to maintain and always gorgeous. Our windows may not be as timeless as the narrative of the Fall of Man, but they will certainly be around for generations to come to keep the story alive in the hearts and minds of all keepers of the faith.

Stained Glass Windows for Any Space

One of the disadvantages of traditional stained glass windows is that they require natural backlighting to be as glowingly vibrant as intended. Unfortunately, this means that many religious spaces cannot employ stained glass either due to architectural placement or external factors like high winds or debris. Our stained glass windows can be backlit by warm LED lights, meaning that these windows need little more than an alcove to shine their brightest. Finally, airport prayer rooms and hospital chapels have access to beautiful stained glass.

Benefits of Stained Glass Windows from Stained Glass Inc.

  • Durable Polymer-blend Glass is easy to maintain and resistant to impacts
  • Stained Glass Windows can be backlit with LEDs so as to avoid the necessity of natural backlighting.
  • Light-weight stained glass windows can be installed quickly and easily at little expense.

Contact Stained Glass Inc. Today

If you have any questions about our stained glass windows representing The Fall of Man, or any other Biblical or secular theme, contact us today for more information. We have hundreds of different designs to choose from, and our in-house artisans are always available for custom orders, so contact Stained Glass Inc. today.

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