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The Visitation between Mary and Elizabeth is featured in stained glass.

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Stained Glass

Visitation of the Virgin Mary Stained Glass One of the most beloved Bible stories is the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Elizabeth. Both women have the privilege of mothering two of Christianity‚Äôs most important figures, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, the Savior Himself. This treasured moment in Christian history has been illustrated […]

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Pictorial stained glass window showing a captivating sunset scene

Montana Stained Glass

Montana¬†Stained Glass Projects Montana Area Stained Glass Those who appreciate the rugged splendor of wide open wilderness have no trouble understanding why Montana is known as “The Treasure State.” With its abundant wildlife and numerous mountain ranges, national parks, and picturesque lakes, this part of the Western United States draws millions of tourists annually. Individuals […]

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