24 Lovely Stained Glass Landscapes for Living Rooms

Are you redecorating your living room, or perhaps building for the first time? Imagine the stunning effect you could create with some stained glass features in your home. Whether you choose window inserts, transoms, door panels, lampshades or wall hangings, stained glass gives an unforgettable effect of elegance and style. If you are a landscape lover, we have a wide range for you to choose from. At Stained Glass Inc we have taken some of the masterpieces of renowned artists and accurately replicated them in the sophisticated medium of stained glass.

Each design is made from a laminated polymer which is not only extremely strong (almost unbreakable) but is also lightweight and easy to install. The window inserts can be slipped in behind existing exterior windows and can be customized to any shape or size. You may be amazed to see how you can transform your living room with these lovely landscapes.

At Stained Glass Inc we have more than 2000 exquisite designs to choose from, so these 24 samples of landscapes will give you a foretaste of what is available.


  1. Landscape of Sunset Colors


Framed by wisps of wisteria, this soothing blue watercolor style landscape would bring a definite touch of tranquillity to your home. Try it as a window or wall hanging and see the difference it will make to your living space.


  1. Magnolias and Irises


With these magnolia trees and irises in a landscape setting, you can bring a charming outdoor scene right indoors. Whatever shape or size you need, we can make it fit your home perfectly.


  1. Tiffany Fall Landscape


If your living room has a color scheme of warm autumn shades, then this Tiffany style landscape might be just what you are looking for. The blue mountains in the background flow beautifully into the little stream to make this piece irresistibly attractive.


  1. Colorful Tree Landscape


There’s something about a tree that gives a sense of stability and comfort. Can you picture this colorful tree landscape brightening up your living room?



  • Four Landscape Masterpieces by Monet…


If you are an admirer of Oscar-Claude Monet these next four are for you:


  1. A Farmyard in Normandy


This peaceful rustic scene would make an excellent addition to any home. And remember, we can customize it as you wish with any shape or choice of frame.


  1. Apple Trees in Blossom


The warm tones of this stained glass Monet reproduction would be exquisitely illuminated by the sunlight streaming through. So light up your living room with this lovely landscape.


  1. Beach at Honlfeux


If you love the sea, with fluffy white clouds and sailboats, you could gaze on this serene scene every day in the comfort of your home.


  1. Landscape With Thunderstorm


Maybe you feel a thrill of anticipation when there is a storm brewing, with thunder clouds looming over a lake. This Monet artwork speaks of the blessing and promise of rain, with the steeple of a church peeping through the trees.



  • Five Lovely Landscapes by Benjamin Williams Leader…


The next five stained glass designs showcase the artwork of 19th Century English landscape painter Benjamin Williams Leader.


  1. A Fine Autumn Day at Interlaken


This sunny landscape may look lovely on your living room wall or as a window insert. How about teaming it up with one or two others by the same artist?


  1. A Fine Morning on the Sussex Coast


The perfect combination of land and sea will give you the best of both worlds when you are redecorating.


  1. A Gleam Before the Storm


Another beautiful scene is set here in Leader’s Gleam Before the Storm with clouds reflected in the water and a cosy farmhouse nestled in the trees. Let this stained glass masterpiece be the talking point of your living room.

  1. A Peep Through the Pines



Here Benjamin Williams Leader has skilfully captured light and shadows among the stately trees. If you are looking to add a tranquil scene to your living space, this might be a good option.


  1. A Welsh Cornfield


Perhaps you like some animal or human presence in your landscapes. This stained glass rendition of Benjamin William Leader’s Welsh cornfield features two girls and their dog.




This next one is from the Victorian English painter John Atkinson Grimshaw who is well known for his imaginative landscapes.


  1. A Golden Country Road


Imagine this golden country road stretching into your living room! There is something inviting and enticing about the light at the end of the road.



  • Andreas Achenbach…


This sample is from the German landscape artist Andreas Achenbach.


  1. A Hunter and His Dog in a Wooded Landscape


A man and a dog in the great outdoors… what more could you want to give your living room a breath of fresh air. Remember we can customize any design according to your wants and needs.



  • Six Landscapes by Albert Bierstadt…


The next six masterpieces were originally created by the American artist Albert Bierstadt who specialized in landscapes of the American West.


  1. After the Shower


The telltale rainbow streaming down captures the bliss of the post storm atmosphere. Wouldn’t you like to have this reminder in your living room that after every storm the sun will shine again?


  1. California Coast


If you love sunsets, this Bierstadt masterpiece will no doubt be appealing. The warm glowing colors will bring tranquillity wherever you choose to place this stained glass panel.


  1. California Spring


Why not put this fresh looking scene of California Spring alongside the previous design of the California Coast and create a captivating couplet in your living room?


  1. Autumn in America Oneida County New York


Glorious autumn colors add an enthralling air to any living space. If you would like to order this stained glass depiction of the Albert Bierstadt original, give us a call today.


  1. Conway Valley New Hampshire


You can almost feel the warm sunshine kissing your face as you gaze at this peaceful country scene with the white cow walking towards you. Bring some country charm into your living room with this lovely landscape.


  1. Conway Meadows New Hampshire


This one would make a perfect twin set with the previous one. Can you picture how great it would be to have both Conway Valley and Conway Meadows side by side in your living room?



  • Two landscapes by William Merritt Chase…


The next two samples were originally painted by the American impressionist and teacher William Merritt Chase


  1. Afternoon Shadows


You might like to place this stained glass painting on your living room wall where it catches the rays of afternoon sunshine.


  1. Brooklyn Landscape


This Brooklyn landscape will look great whether you choose to order it as is or customize it in an oval, round or any other shape.



  • Caspar David Friedrich…


This last one is by the 19th century German Romantic landscape artist Caspar David Friedrich.


  1. Dolmen in the Snow


Regardless of the season, you could find inspiration in this interesting artwork. If you place it in your living room, this landscape could well become a conversation starter.

If you have been inspired by these lovely stained glass landscapes, why not give us a call or send an email to order the artwork of your choice. At Stained Glass Inc we have a vast range of over 5,000 designs to suit almost every taste. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, we specialize in customized products. Our skilled artisans will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


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