11 Stained Glass Options to Brighten up your Office

Does your office need a bit of brightening up? Perhaps you are planning some renovations or maybe you are building a new office block for your business. Either way, you might like to consider incorporating some stained glass features to give that touch of warmth and color which your workplace needs. Our stained glass designs are not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also made from high quality laminated polymer which is easy to use, strong and durable, and can be customized to suit your needs.

The versatility of our stained glass allows you to use it not only for your office windows, but also on your door panels, including cabinet doors, or as hangings and paintings on your walls, in your room dividers and even on your lamps.  Here are 11 different stained glass options which you could use to brighten up any office or work space as follows:


Stained Glass Office Windows

Let’s start with the windows. Imagine having a tranquil scene or a decorative design to gaze on as you glance up from your desk. And everyone who enters your office can also enjoy the exquisite detail and color combinations. The windows are available as inserts which can slip into your existing windows, making them quick and easy to install.

  1. Tranquil Sunrise and River


This sunrise scene sets a tone of hopefulness as a new day is announced. With the calming river flowing into the foreground this stained glass window would be sure to bring a peaceful and purposeful atmosphere into your office.

  1. Path to the Lake and Mountains


Alongside the first window design, this lovely view would complement the tone of tranquillity. The path gives a sense of direction and forward movement as it leads off around the lake and towards the mountains.


  1. Aqua Masterpiece


This subtle geometric design with aqua accents could bring an understated ambience to your office windows. Remember we can re-create all of our designs into any shape or size according to your needs.

  1. Pot of Gold


This ‘Pot of Gold’ window design is full of warmth and light. Imagine how it would brighten up your office with the morning or afternoon sun streaming through the window.


Stained Glass Office Door and Cabinet Door Panels

Besides having stained glass inserts in your windows, you might like to consider some options for your door panels, either in your entryway, your office doors or the cabinet doors.

  1. Detailed Circular Entrance Door Design




This magnificent entrance door would certainly make a lasting impression on all who enter. The clear statement of beauty is balanced by strength and efficiency as these stained glass inserts are 250 x stronger than traditional glass. They can reduce drafts and add insulation as well as being completely free of any harmful leads.

  1. Office Door Framed in Perfection


As you move from the entrance door towards the door of your office, you may be looking for something more subtle and inviting like this ‘framed in perfection’ design. With a hint of nature, set within a geometrical pattern, this timeless stained glass artwork would usher you and your clients through your office doorway with peaceful aplomb.

  1. Captivating Double Panel for Cabinet Doors


Once inside your office, don’t forget about your cabinet doors. Add an alluring touch of color with these matching double panels. Whatever the color scheme or decor of your office may be, we can find or create the perfect match. The exquisite colors of our stained glass designs are produced by heat infused mineral pigments that are long lasting and almost unbreakable.


Stained Glass Office Hangings and Paintings

         8.  A Monet Masterpiece


When it comes to wall hangings and paintings, you are spoilt for choice here at Stained Glass Inc. We have a huge selection of exquisite artworks, from the traditional classics to contemporary and everything in between. Take this ever favorite and timeless water lily pond from Monet, for example. Choose your favorite stained glass masterpiece to gaze upon while you sit at your office desk.

  1. Parrots and Blossoms


Perhaps you would prefer something lively and vibrant like these blue parrots sitting on the branches and surrounded by white blossoms. The wall hangings and paintings you choose for your office can make a world of difference as they bring a positive atmosphere to your workplace.


Stained Glass Office Room Dividers and Partitions


Wisteria Vine Partitions



If your office layout consists of multiple work areas why put up with drab or monotone dividers and partitions? You can transform the feel of your office with some spectacular stained glass partitions such as this wisteria vine design. With these delicate purple and white flowers draped over the cool lake, your workers are sure to feel the tranquillity seeping into their work spaces.


Stained Glass Office Lamps

Lampshades of every shape, color and design


Stained Glass Inc has the largest selection of stained glass lamp designs in the world. These samples show a small selection of the wide variety of lampshade options which you could use to bring a lighter and brighter tone into your office. From circular and cylindrical to square, rectangular, elongated and multifaceted, the shapes and designs are unlimited. Virtually any kind of artwork can be used as a base to wrap around your lamp.  The light of the lamp illuminates the shimmering mineral pigments which are heat fused to polymer glass, ensuring that the colors are long lasting and fade resistant.

If these examples showcased above are not exactly what you are looking for in your office, be assured that Stained Glass Inc. has over 5,000 designs to choose from. If you need something unique and specialized, whether it is your company logo, or any other specification, please contact us. Our skilled artisans will be happy to help you create a custom design according to your desire. Give your working environment an uplifting touch with a stained glass masterpiece, whether it’s a window, door panel, wall hanging, room divider or lamp. Here at Stained Glass Inc we can help you find the ideal option to brighten up your office.


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