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A colorful depiction of St. Albert the Great in stained glass.

Saints Albert the Great and Gertrude in Stained Glass

Saint Albert the Great and Saint Gertrude November 15 and 16 are feast days that honor Saints Albert the Great and Gertrude respectively, both German saints beloved by Catholics. The lives of these two Holy Saints are celebrated in breathtaking stained glass works of art, created by master artists in the studios of Stained Glass, […]

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Set of three stained glass panels showing Christ's miracle in the Sea of Galilee

New Hampshire Stained Glass

New Hampshire Area Stained Glass The state of New Hampshire is one of the smallest in the entire country in terms of both area and population. However, it still manages to attract many tourists with its stunning natural scenery and renowned New England hospitality. Like practically every other state in the country, New Hampshire has […]

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Jesus stained glass window showing His Crucifixion

Connecticut Stained Glass

Connecticut Area Stained Glass The First Presbyterian Church of Stamford is a must-see for anyone interested in Connecticut stained glass. Designed by architect Wallace K. Harrison, it is a landmark with towering stained glass windows that contain more than 20,000 pieces of faceted glass. These aren’t the only remarkable art glass windows in the state, […]

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Stained glass Assumption.

Stained Glass featuring the Assumption of Mary

Assumption of Mary Stained Glass Window Art For hundreds of years, painters and stained glass artists have been trying to capture the wonder and joy of the Assumption of Mary in their works. Although there is debate about whether Mary died before her earthly body and eternal soul were transported to heaven, stained glass windows […]

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