Pictorial Stained Glass Windows: The Death and Burial of Christ

The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus in Stained Glass

There is perhaps no image more closely connected with Christianity than that of Jesus on the cross. The manner in which Jesus died was painful and any death evokes feelings of grief and sadness, but according to the teachings of Christianity this event was necessary. Through suffering and dying for the sins of all people, Jesus gave the faithful the chance to be called into the kingdom of God. A stained glass cross showing Jesus is a rousing image that serves as a reminder of not only the sacrifice Jesus made, but also of His never ending love for mankind. Those who trust in God also know that Jesus did not die forever that day, but rose again and ascended into heaven to take His seat at the right hand of the father.

This Tiffany stained glass image features Christ on the cross with Mary and John at His feet.

Mary and John stand at the foot of the cross

The Story of the Death and Burial of Christ

Because of the importance of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, His death and burial is the subject of countless stained glass designs. His trials and the events immediately following His death are also described in great detail in the Bible. After the people had condemned Jesus to die on the cross for proclaiming Himself the Messiah, He was forced to carry His burden through the streets. His hands and feet were nailed to the cross, and those who taunted Him placed a crown of thorns on His head. On a hillside between two criminals, He was left to die, and in His suffering questioned why God had forsaken Him. There were only a few who stood by Jesus in His final hours–including the Virgin Mary–and these loyal individuals often appear in stained glass windows showing Christ on the cross.

After His death, Joseph of Arimathea retrieved the body of Jesus. He wrapped the Savior in fine linen and–with the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene as witnesses–laid Him to rest in a tomb. While there is no denying that the death and burial of Christ were somber occasions, those with a knowledge of the Bible are well aware that a joyous and wondrous event soon followed. On the third day Jesus was resurrected, and visitors to His tomb were astonished to find it empty.

This stained glass image depicts Christ's body being taken down from the cross.

Christ’s body is removed from the cross

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  • Features Bible verses, names of generous donors, or other embellishments that will make the stained glass uniquely yours

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