Jesus Stained Glass Window: Christ the King

Christ the King in Exquisite Stained Glass

Jesus is often fittingly known as Christ the King because He is the supreme ruler of Heaven and Earth. Anyone who believes in the tenets of the Christian faith accepts this statement as truth, so stained glass art showing Jesus in this position of power and dominion will appeal to members of all denominations. Cathedral stained glass windows honoring Christ the King may show Him wearing His heavenly crown, sitting on His throne, wearing garments fit for a king, or standing before His faithful subjects. Whether images are used to create Catholic stained glass for a grand cathedral or a special piece of altar furniture for a Lutheran parish, all those who gather in these sacred spaces will be comforted by the knowledge that Christ still watches over His people and rules from above.

Christ is shown crowned and enthroned with angels at His side in this stained glass art.

Jesus crowned and enthroned

The Story of Christ the King

The title “Christ the King” is derived from several passages in the Bible. Various gospels describe Him as the King Eternal, the King of Kings, and the King of Israel. The Book of Revelation refers to Jesus as both the King of the Ages and the Ruler of the Kings of the Earth. As the spiritual ruler in Heaven, Christ is understood to have dominion over all the people and creatures of Earth. His kingship is greater than that of any mortal man, and will go on forever.

Several popes have made efforts to explain the significance of this title to Roman Catholics. Pope Pius XI stressed that the very nature of Christ made Him the king of Heaven and Earth. Pope Benedict XVI explained the distinction between notions many people have of monarchies and the kingdom of Christ. While the reign of earthly kings is typically connected to the idea of power, Christ’s kingship is based on the idea of love and service to others.

Catholics and many Protestants celebrate the Feast of Christ the King at the end of the liturgical year. The title routinely given to Jesus is also found in the name of many parishes, so art glass windows depicting Christ as king can offer a way to pay homage to the word of the Lord while celebrating the unique identity of a place of worship.

Jesus is pictured crowned and holding a lamp in this stained glass image.

Jesus Christ, the King

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