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Celtic stained glass.

Celtic Stained Glass

Celtic Stained Glass Interlocks Light and Design As early as the eighth century, Celtic people began using artistic designs to reflect their cultures, tribal affiliations and kinships, making Celtic art distinctive and immediately recognizable. Some of the most popular designs for stained glass today are influenced by Celtic art, often the theme of decorative windows, […]

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Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Floral Rose Windows

Floral Rose Windows The rose windows found in circular openings in Gothic churches and places of worship featuring other styles can have several themes. For instance, common symbols of the faith, important figures, and musical instruments can all be incorporated into the already captivating design of rose windows. Another option for rose windows is floral […]

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A rose window with Mary and Jesus.

Christian Rose Windows

Christian Themed Rose Windows Even when she doesn’t appear directly in their design, the Virgin Mary is often linked to rose windows because one of her titles is the “mystical rose.” She did not become associated with this beautiful flower until after the Gothic stained glass windows known as rose windows became popular, but that […]

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The cross is pictured in this rose window.

Symbolic Rose Windows

Symbolic Rose Windows in Stained Glass An image is symbolic when its form or appearance are used to represent objects, individuals, or ideas, and stained glass rose windows certainly fit this definition. There is a modern day association between the rose and the mother of Christ, and the twelve divisions often found in rose windows […]

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Stained glass rose window.

Stained Glass Rose Windows

The Beauty of Stained Glass Rose Windows Because of their aesthetically pleasing symmetry, the often kaleidoscopic patterns they feature, and their fascinating symbolism, stained glass rose windows are captivating additions  to any sanctuary. They are classic examples of Gothic stained glass windows, but can also work well in parishes featuring more modern architectural designs. All […]

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