Floral Rose Windows

Floral Rose Windows

The rose windows found in circular openings in Gothic churches and places of worship featuring other styles can have several themes. For instance, common symbols of the faith, important figures, and musical instruments can all be incorporated into the already captivating design of rose windows. Another option for rose windows is floral themes. The overall shape of rose windows of course already resembles that of a single, multi-petaled bloom. This design can be enhanced through the addition of numerous smaller flowers or by altering the traditional form of rose windows to present a single flower in exquisite detail. Floral rose windows are frequently infused with symbolic meaning. Even if parishioners miss the deeper significance, however, they will still appreciate the wondrously complex colors and comforting warm light that are hallmarks of stained glass.

Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Rose Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Ideas for Floral Rose Windows

Check out any stained glass gallery of floral rose windows and it soon becomes clear just how broad this category really is. Practically any type of flower can be part of the design of rose windows, but the following have special significance in the Christian faith and are therefore worth serious consideration:

  • Rose windows with anemone flowers: These colorful flowers have a simple yet eye-catching appearance. They are traditional symbols of the Holy Trinity, and are also frequently used in art to symbolize sorrow.
  • Art glass windows with dandelions: Most people are familiar with this common weed. When it is represented in Christian stained glass windows it symbolizes the Passion of Christ.
  • Stained glass window art with the fleur de lis: Like lilies, this flower is associated with notions of purity and is therefore frequently used to represent the Virgin Mary. The fleur de lis is also a symbol of the Trinity because both the top and bottom portions of this flower are comprised of three sections.

On a final note, don’t feel that your stained glass window art has to have symbolic meaning to be a valuable addition to your religious sanctuary. Windows for the soul will be appreciated by parishioners purely for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, and their loveliness will naturally inspire wonder and contemplation of the divine.

Rose window featuring a lily.

Symbolic lily rose window

Why Purchase Your Rose Windows From Stained Glass Inc.?

  • Our experienced stained glass artists know what it takes to produce works that will serve as windows for the soul
  • Our art glass windows will make your religious space a refuge and a source of comfort in trying times
  • We offer frames with a variety of gorgeous finishes to flatter our stained glass designs
  • No stained glass manufacturer can rival our selection of stained glass images
  • Our stained glass panels are easier to maintain than leaded glass and are shatter-resistant

View our gallery of floral rose windows and other stained glass designs to get inspiration and ideas for your next project!

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