Stained Glass Windows by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Windows

Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. will shine beautifully in your home.

This gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright design will compliment any home.

Known for his involvement in the Arts and Crafts Movement of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architectural master who believed that stained glass had an important role to play in design.  Many homes today are emulating his architectural designs and contractors are seeking Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass reproductions to add beauty and style to their look.

History of Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright art went far beyond the structure as he developed a strong interest in stained glass for windows and inserts. His design philosophy followed that of Pugin who believed in the integrity of materials. This meant that glass should look like glass, stone like stone, and wood like wood. Wright’s architectural style emphasized open spaces and large openings in structures, which worked well with stained glass art.

Some of his houses incorporated many Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs, including the Martin House in upstate New York that features over 100 Frank Lloyd Wright windows with both clear leaded glass and colorful stained glass artwork.  He is known to have created over 4,000 Frank Lloyd Wright designs that he used for doors and windows for over 150 of his buildings. Referring to Frank Lloyd Wright glass as light screens, he incorporated it in many aspects of his homes, including stained glass skylights, table lamps, back-lit ceiling panels and wall sconces.

The Beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

When describing a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass pattern, there are some unique characteristics that separate one from other stained glass designs. One of the most striking differences compared to other stained glass designs is that Frank Lloyd Wright glass used zinc- or copper-plating rather than lead, which not only offers a beautiful look, but it is also safer.

The beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright glass was also seen in the use of natural elements that comprised the design like plants, prairie flowers, and trees. He also liked to use a combination of glass to create the design in different geometric shapes with clear, iridescent, colored and transparent glass as well as adding gold leaf between two panels of glass for something truly unique. Wright also realized that if some of the glass pieces were set at certain angles, this could create a stunning light display that would change as the sun hit it from different angles.

Frank Lloyd Wright windows typically used a limited color palette, including greens, yellows, and amber.  He referred to these colors as passive colors that blended with the natural hues of his buildings and integrated well with the natural materials. However, he would add more active colors like red and blue as accents to some of his stained glass designs.

Benefits of Ordering Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass from Stained Glass Inc.

Enjoy this Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window in your home or office.

This prairie style stained glass art shines beautifully in the sunlight.

Today, you can buy Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass reproductions or you can get Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass in terms of the shapes and imagery.

There are a number of benefits to ordering Frank Lloyd Wright windows from Stained Glass Inc.:

  • Our skilled American stained glass artists have studied Frank Lloyd Wright glass designs and have been able to emulate his technique, color palette, and designs to create stunning Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass reproductions as well as religious stained glass windows that reflect his characteristic style.
  • Our Frank Lloyd Wright windows are also made without any lead, following his design lead and adhering to a safe stained glass product that fits in all types of homes from bungalows and Craftsman style homes to larger homes and commercial structures like churches, schools, and libraries.
  • We have an extensive catalog of stained glass designs, including those that follow a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass pattern, providing one of the largest collections available.
  • All of our Frank Lloyd Wright glass can be customized to fit your space, including custom dimensions up to 100’ as well as custom shapes.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass for Sale

Now is the time to enjoy your very own Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass.  With a wide range of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs, Stained Glass Inc. is your partner. Find out just how easy it is to enjoy Frank Lloyd Wright art at home by calling 903-454-8376 or sending an email to

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