Saint Agatha Honored in Stained Glass

St. Agatha in stained glass.

Saint Agatha is honored in this stained glass masterpiece.

Saint Agatha Feast Day Commemorated

Saint Agatha’s feast day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church each year on February 5. Through the centuries, Saint Agatha’s story has evolved into a beloved tale of loyalty to faith and martyrdom. As the story goes, Saint Agatha was born to a wealthy family in Catania, Sicily during the third century AD, when Christians were persecuted. Bravely, young Agatha chose to stand up for her faith, declaring herself a devotee of Jesus and refusing all suitors who wished to have her as a wife.

One determined young man, Quintian, ranked among the more powerful of her suitors, and had her arrested in order to pressure her to accept his advances. Imprisoned in a brothel by Quintian, during which time Agatha was sexually assaulted, she continued to declare her faith in Jesus, placing her life in His care. Then imprisoned and tortured by the cutting off of her breasts, Agatha finally died a martyr. Saint Agatha is often portrayed carrying a tray with her breasts in memory of her degradation and strong faith in Jesus Christ. She is the patroness of fire, breast cancer patients, and is especially revered among victims of sexual assault.

Stained Glass Honoring Saint Agatha Blends Color and Light

Saint Agatha is often portrayed in art over the centuries as young and beautiful, with breathtaking features and an aura of purity and spiritual ecstasy. The master artists at Stained Glass, Inc. of Greenville, Texas have envisioned her as a lovely young woman, created with vivid, intense color that captures and reflects light in magnificent, shifting tones. Stained glass serves to honor Saint Agatha on her special feast day while inspiring and uplifting worshippers in church, chapel or shrine.

Custom Designed Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows featuring Saint Agatha are elegant centerpieces in shrines to this revered young saint, as well as in hospital areas and women’s health sites, since she is the patron saint of breast cancer patients. Because she was credited for helping to calm the volcano of Mt. Aetna, near her Sicilian home, she is also the patroness of fire and tribute stained glass designs are found in firehouses everywhere that honor Saint Agatha. In addition, master artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. are experts at creating one of a kind, custom designs based on client preferences.

Need More Information About Saint Agatha Stained Glass?

Browse the extensive online collection of magnificent stained glass art honoring revered saints, angels and spiritual events at where professionals are available to guide clients through the entire process of selecting the perfect stained glass accents for their church décor. If you have an interest in stained glass honoring Saint Agatha for your church or place of worship, or if you need information on stained glass of any kind, the professionals at Stained Glass, Inc. are standing by to discuss your needs.

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