St. Catherine of Siena in Stained Glass

Saint Catherine of Siena in stained glass.

St. Catherine of Siena is beautifully portrayed in stained glass art.

Saint Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Italy

“No one should judge that he has greater perfection because he performs great penances and gives himself in excess to the staying of the body than he who does less, inasmuch as neither virtue nor merit consists therein; for otherwise he would be an evil case, who for some legitimate reason was unable to do actual penance. Merit consists in the virtue of love alone, flavored with the light of true discretion without which the soul is worth nothing.”

This quotation from Saint Catherine of Siena is a perspective on the life of this holy woman, the youngest of 23 children of Jacopo and Lana Benincasa in Siena. With Saint Francis of Assisi, she is patron saint of Italy, and her feast days are April 29 and 30.  As a child, in protest of her mother’s demands that she take an interest in her appearance in order to attract a husband, Catherine cut off her hair and declared her intention to spend her life in service to God. She entered the convent when she was only 18, and secluded herself to pray and meditate for several years.

Gaining a following among Christians, Saint Catherine turned her attention to affairs of state, working to unite the Catholic Church and heal the rift between factions that had split the church. Her image is the theme of classic stained glass art created by artisans at Stained Glass, Inc. of Greenville, Texas, who are meticulous in portraying this honored woman in reverent splendor. Offering herself as a victim for the Church, Saint Catherine of Siena died at only 33, and was named a doctor of the church.

Saint Catherine of Siena Stained Glass is Superb

Stained glass tributes to Saint Catherine from Stained Glass, Inc. are created in the classic style of the great cathedral stained glass of Europe. Ornate and elaborate, Saint Catherine stained glass includes magnificent, rich shades of color, texture and tone that reflect light all day long. The play of light across the pane of this lovely work of stained glass art is breathtaking, and inspires worshippers who admire fine collections of stained glass.

High Quality, Unparalleled Beauty in Stained Glass

Appreciation of beautiful stained glass is universal, as admirers take in the sparkling facets of each piece, noting the intense, vibrant tints and flawless, realistic imagery from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. Selection committees searching for stained glass to honor Saint Catherine of Sienna will find the perfect window, door or hanging work of stained glass, no matter what size, shape or color needed.

Honor Saint Catherine of Sienna with Superior Art

Are you looking for a superior work of stained glass art to honor Saint Catherine of Sienna in your church, chapel or shrine to this holy saint?  Let the experts at Stained Glass, Inc. guide you through your project to ensure an extraordinary, successful result. Visit our online gallery of stained glass samples at and commission your own work of stained glass art to meet your specific needs. Stronger than ordinary stained glass, our artists custom create our stained glass by blending the best elements of classic stained glass with cutting edge technology, ensuring a superior design.

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