Saint Simon and Saint Jude Stained Glass

Stained glass image of Saint Simon.

Saint Simon glows in stunning stained glass.

St. Simon and St. Jude Honored in Stained Glass

Saints Simon and Jude are the eleventh and twelfth disciples of Jesus, who continued after the crucifixion to do His work, as missionaries traveling together to bring the gospel to Mesopotamia and Persia, and were eventually martyred there.  Saint Simon, or Simon the Zealot and St. Jude, also known as Thaddeus, are beloved among Catholics who celebrate their feast day on October 28.  Stained glass artists in the studios of Stained Glass Inc. have created a number of breathtaking stained glass designs honoring these two beloved saints, portraying them with flawless imagery and breathtaking color.

In stained glass art, Saint Simon is often depicted holding a saw, which is the instrument used in his martyrdom, while Saint Jude is shown with a carpenter’s square, since he was called “the architect of the house of God” by Saint Paul.

Saint Simon is the patron saint of curriers, sawmen, sawyers and tanners.  He is beloved by tradesmen and craftsmen everywhere, and was known as Simon the Zealot, part of a group of Jews who considered God to be their one and only ruler.  Saint Jude, as St. Joseph’s nephew, was an earthly cousin to Jesus and is the patron of desperate causes and situations.  Catholics who are devoted to Saint Jude request his intercession for situations and life issues regarded as hopeless cases.  The stained glass panels honoring their extraordinary lives are created using age-old stained glass craftsmanship coupled with cutting edge technology that results in rich, vibrant color which is enduring and beautiful.

Stained Glass Features Saints That Inspire and Uplift

Works of stained glass art created by master artisans from Stained Glass Inc. include imagery that brings the lives of these Holy Apostles to life for believers, framed in classically Gothic detail and ornate design.  Panels are custom created to fit behind any existing window, and can be easily changed according to feast days, special celebrations and Holy Days.  Perfect for inspiring worshippers in church, chapel, cathedral or shrine to Saints Simon and Jude on their feast day, these lovely windows catch and reflect rays of light in shifting shades throughout the day.

St. Jude in stained glass.

Saint Jude stained glass adds beautiful color to your church.

Saints Simon and Jude Stained Glass Is Superior in Quality

Crafted using rich, vivid hues that cross the full spectrum of color, and artistry that dazzles the eye and touches the heart, Saints Simon and Jude stained glass panels are also high quality, easily installed and up to 250 times stronger than ordinary stained glass.  Every panel is custom designed for size, color and shape according to individual client specifications.  Each work of stained glass art is unique and one-of-a-kind, and perfect for adding color and light to any worship area.

Find Out More About Saints Simon and Jude Stained Glass

If you desire additional information about Saint Simon and Saint Jude stained glass windows or artwork, contact one of the experts at Stained Glass Inc. today.  Visit the online stained glass gallery or commission your own unique work of stained glass art.  You are certain to find exactly what you need here

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