Beautiful Stained Glass Depicts Saint Rita of Cascia

Saint Rita of Cascia stained glass.

St. Rita of Cascia is portrayed in stunning stained glass.

St. Rita of Cascia Shines in Stained Glass 

Saint Rita of Cascia is not a typical female saint, and almost didn’t become a saint at all, since she was denied a place in the monastery due to the fact that she was a widow. Married at twelve, Margherita Roccaporena became the wife of Paolo Mancini in a union arranged by her parents. She gave birth to the first of two sons before the year was out, and spent the 18 years of her marriage as a model wife and mother, even though her husband was cruel and abusive. After his murder at the hands of enemies from a feuding family and the deaths of her sons, Rita decided to try to achieve her lifelong dream of entering the monastery to become a nun.

At first turned away, Rita persevered in her quest to serve the Lord as a member of the holy order, and after convincing the religious leaders by publicly forgiving her husband’s murderers, she was granted entrance and became a nun. During her life as a devoted sister in the monastery of Mary Magdalene, Saint Rita developed an open wound on her forehead, which was widely regarded as a stigmata signifying the crown of thorns of Jesus.  Her feast day is celebrated on May 22, the date of her death in 1427 and she is the patroness of loss and impossible causes. Her help is often sought by victims of spousal abuse.

Saint Rita of Cascia Portrayed in Color and Light

Saint Rita of Cascia’s life is an inspiration to women everywhere, maintaining her grace and strength through an abusive marriage, the death of her children and her initial rejection by the monastery officials. To honor her, depictions of this holy woman in works of stained glass art must be created meticulously and with emotion and depth. At Stained Glass, Inc., our experts craft each stained glass design, for use as windows, doors, as furniture insets or other applications, with careful attention to detail and superior quality.

High Quality Design, Unmatched Beauty in Stained Glass

A lovely tribute to the goodness and devotion of Saint Rita of Cascia is the creation of stunning stained glass designs from Stained Glass, Inc. Artists in these studios bring forth works of stained glass art that dazzle the eye and touch the heart, certain to grace church, chapel or shrines to Saint Rita of Cascia with color and light. Depth and intensity of color, imagery that is moving and flawless and texture that captures and reflects shifting shades of light into every corner is the hallmark of each work of stained glass. Every example of commissioned stained glass is custom designed and crafted according the preferences of clients, including size, shape and color.

Commission Your Saint Rita of Cascia Stained Glass

If you are looking for the perfect work of stained glass art to honor Saint Rita of Cascia, or any stained glass design, visit our extensive online gallery of stained glass designs at at  Experts in the art of stained glass are available to guide your project from start to glorious finish.

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